08 August 2011

now that is the way to sell shoes...

[aka Must Have Monday & MGG Appreciation Post]

Before MGG tweeted that he'd be in this video,
I had no idea that ALDO Shoes even existed.

After swooning watching the advert a few times,
I went to their website.
Well done, ALDO. Well done.

 & find shoes I did!
Here are two in particular that I'd like to showcase!




Some gals like a Little Black Dress...as do I.
But I also love me a Little Black Shoe, too!

06 August 2011

Pottermore and the #BETAclub

So ya'll must know of my Harry Potter fangirl-ness...
If you didn't well....

I am so excited!!
Please leave your Pottermore name in my comments!

04 August 2011

Internet Things

When TheAwkwardnauts played 'Never Have I Ever' on our YouTube channel
Lee said he'd never been to more than 10 US states...
(he's English...)
and since airports count, I lost a finger...

I was reminded of this when I read Elysie's most recent blog...
An interactive map that keeps track of your travel stops!

&& I just had to play!

visited 13 states (26%) Create your own visited map.

It was fun.
I just have serious wanderlust 24/7 these days...

I am done trolling the internet during these late hours...
Nite nite.