29 July 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Project Runway Winner Seth Aaron

I know I am not the biggest fashionista....
but I. love. Project. Runway.

& there are some seriously inspirational people on that show.

& GOD did I love last season.
I feel that the right person won.

Here is why:

That is the line Seth Aaron won last season with.

And there is even more awesome on his website.

& the backs are as special as the fronts! 

I know.

All photos came from his website.
And from those photos I hope you believe me when I say,
I want a Seth Aaron piece!!!

&& with that...
It starts in 20mins!
For me? Recording on the DVR
but for anyone else who was like
'WHAT!? Today!?!'
Lifetime replays episodes later!
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22 July 2010

A 'Wonderful' Night at South Pacific

Remember how I volunteer my booty off for the Denver Center, then go see a show on it's opening night...
This is one of those blogs.. =]

Tuesday night at 8pm South Pacific opened at the Denver Center.
I went.

Now blogger friends, when you think South Pacific, you may think
<- back-in-the-day style...
...or Mr. Shue *cough* Broadway revival with Matt Morrison style:
..which is the style that you should be thinking of.

First, I must share my proof.
Naughty proof at that...
..seeing as one isn't supposed to have their camera phone out...
But alas, it is a tradition.. in this case a blurry one!

And before I go any further...
I feel I must clarify that Mr. Shue is not in the touring cast.
But don't pout. Trust.
Because Anderson Davis IS.
! Swoon-worthy, eh? !

Ok, I'm going to move past the swoon and get professional.
[Ha! That sounds funny even from me!]

Cusack's voice is Stunning!
[yeah bold AND italic emphasis]
Her voice fits the style and music of the era so well.
If you have ever seen any Rogers & Hammerstein, you know what I mean.
As the character she is as funny as she is smart!
Plus the clothes she get's to wear!

I. Love. The. Swimsuits.
[40s orange and red one pieces are love]

...okay then there was the male lead:
holycraponacorndog!! The man can sing!
Apparently he is a operatic bass-baritone...
And shit son! One can tell!
I am not even the biggest opera fan,
 but I'd go to be floored by his voice again!

The next part of my review is something I couldn't legally supply a picture of...
The Set.
at times.... It. Was. Breathtaking. 
 My favorites would have to be the Bali Ha'i backdrop and Emile's terrace/home.

Another thing that is hard to capture in picture format?
The live orchestra sound. 
There is just something about having a full pit that changes the feel of a room.

Over all, the show was a 'wonderful' classic!

After the show Chris, Nathan, Cathie and I all went to the stage door, just in case.
You see, there was an opening night gala and I wasn't sure if we were invited...

But we did get our programs signed by Peter Rini...
..who I must say, in person, does qualify for some Silver Foxy swoon! ;)

After gazing out over the gala from the car park,
Nathan and I headed North toward home..
..though we did stop for an infamous cinna-roll...

If you are in the Denver, Colorado area
[or a 3hr drive span of it]

for more info about
South Pacific's run at the DCPA
(July 20th - Aug 1st, 2010)

And for reading this whole thing...
here is your bonus swoon!
[com'on! this is my blog!? what did you expect!?]


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19 July 2010

The Late Nite Zac Efron Scavenger Hunt

So Kacey and I have really epic Sunday nights.

It usually consists of me going to her place after work for True Blood (maybe some Sonny With a Chance) and a whole bunch of Twitter and Facebook stalking.

Tonight was even more epic with the True Blood promo teaser from last week, the second episode of The Glades and the return of SWAC in the from of a 1 hour special!

Not only were all three eps AMAZING
AND Twitter was all aBuzz and fun...

But Facebook stalking led us to:
"Zac Efron with be doing a 7am radio interview in Denver!"

Well at first Kacey and I took to Google with "Zac Efron Radio Promotion Denver" type Google searchs and NOTHING!

But then we Kacey went in for "Charlie St Cloud Promotions"
[How the HECK did she out Google me!?! #FAIL]

*stand by for Google distraction*

And we discovered he has a signing at the Mall of America tomorrow.

W. T. F. ?!?!

Well we
did the info off a boy's Facebook status.
(aka. shouldaknowbetter)

So we figure that it is a RADIO interview and well like Skype and interwebs...
well you don't have to be IRL much anymore.

We figure he will be calling in.

After extensive Googling...
We've got it narrowed down to 2 possible stations.

[Disney. Duh. "Built in Promo platform"]


[Because the MI-MoA radio station is owned by the same company]

That was my emergency post.


Which one do you think he will be calling at 7am-ish tomorrow morning?!

Any other professional Google-ers up for the challenge of finding better info?!

 are we just waiting for it to show up in our Twitter feeds?...

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16 July 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday [the melancholy edition]

I know. I know.
I haven't been on Blogger in a WEEK!
I have been on YouTube!

per usual Always Alexandria is my Fill In The Blank inspiration!
But I've linked up over at Lauren's blog

Ready /Set /Go...

{1.} A very nostalgic place that reminds me of being a kid is  the Colorado Springs Aquatics and Fitness Center. It is where I learned how to swim and pools have been such a huge part of my life.

{2.} If someone really wants to show me how much they love me  they will, um. This is hard. In what context? Like a gentleman caller? Or a friend taking care of me while sick? Or my family? ... I guess a simple answer is *HUG*

{3.} Lately I've been wondering a lot about  what the heck I am going to do. I have been really stressed over money and school and my future. It's basically be a day to day thing.

{4.} When it comes to saving money I am  awful at it. See above.

{5.} I'd prefer swimming over running any day! I miss being at the pool everyday. I miss having a pool down the street at my bidding.

{6.}I wish I knew how to make  , well, I guess it is more I wish I had a sewing machine and knew who to use it. I have become way too addicited to cracfting blogs and "wish I knew how to make" things out of fabirc.

{7.} I'm just waiting for  the semester to be over! I am so over school. A huge part of it is that my car is acting up and I have missed a lot of class... So I am very worried that I won't in fact finish university this summer. *sigh*

& fin.
Well it was a little melancholy... but it was honest!

Remember there are more linked over at Lauren's blog!

***Business Time:
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07 July 2010

SPOILER FREE -- Eclipse Round 2: Fashion Edition

As you may or may not know,
I have seen Eclipse twice.

It might be "#fanFAIL" to some seeing as it has been out over a week,
but I did see it before most others...

But before I vlog about my adventure,
I wanted to share my Eclipse-inspired fashion choices!

I did share on my Dailybooth that I designed a cuff bracelet...

Then I also shared my Alice-inspired outfit for my midnight movie...
(the best I could do with 3sec timer)

::My Fashionista Breakdown::
ROSS - $10
Kohls - $15
Top Heart/Clock/Key:
Rue 21 - $7
Bottom (Favy) Heart:
Rue 21 - $8
Left Cuff:
made by me (1st pic)
Left Plumeria Man-Made Opal Ring:
my "private"/Denver jeweler - $24
Right Pearl & Bead:
 Claires? - on sale $6ish
Right Tiny Diamond centered Claddagh ring:
Kay Jewelrys - 1yr annivers gift from first love
also Diamond is my birthstone (explains a lot I know)
and the ONLY one ever given to me from ANYONE
*whimsical smile*
(Unpictured) FAVY Black Steve Madden Cowboy Boots:
on sale at outlets in Thornton - marked from $120 to $40 (aka WIN!)
Bra & Undies:
Undisclosed but matching...

& then I went to Denver for the show!
I'll post a log to YouTube about it soon!

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