30 April 2010

A To-Do Post...

...I figured if I wrote a To-Do blog I'd have more of a reason to GET IT DONE!



Edit the following videos:
 Cheynne Adventure
In The Heights Street Partay!
InThe Heights Meet & Greet

In The Heights Opening Night
Motivate Me Monday: Dual Wall Art/Necklace Storage Tutorial

Write & POST:

(at least one more box)

Call parents
to confirm my graduation entourage!
(oh yeah, that is in 7days >.<)

Decide where to eat
lunch with my grad-entourage...

*whew* That's a pretty decent size list!
Wish me luck!

I'm off to finish getting ready to go to a picnic
& then down to Denver for the Meet&Greet!

what are you doing this weekend?

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25 April 2010

six senses sunday [1]

Right now I'm...

the Excedrin pain killer pills that I dry swallowed..

the fresh air from outside..
Dear Greeley, thanks for not smelling like cow-ass today. love Me

Kona cuddled up beside me..

 the radio on a country music station downstairs..

 the keys on my computer and petting Kona..

the cramps/nausea/jelly legs/etc that kept me home from work today..

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21 April 2010

So Year 24 Begins...

Today is my birthday!
as of 5:47am today I am 24!

This is what I did...
I spent the morning until 3 in my PJs

Watched my The Jane Austen Book Club DVD

Surfed the internet

Watched loads of You Tube videos

Finally showered round 3:30

Curled my hair...

Texted a whole bunch of people to see who was free for dinner

Got dressed

Texted everyone its ok that they had previous plans

Got depressed

Decided to do dinner solo because it would be empowering
(& cause I really liked my outfit)

Drove to Walmart to cash my birthday checks

Answered my phone, talked to best friend Mi Abbia about my dinner plans

Had a break-down in the Walmart parking spot

Drove to Wells Fargo
(because I should have thought of that 1st)

Drove to Asian Cusinse

Ate a delish dinner with Mi Abbia

Walked to the neighboring liquor store with Mi Abbia

Went to Mi Abbia's house

Drank a Mike's Raspberry Margarita /
watched South Park/
cuddled with her orange tabby Stan/
played with her niece Ava

Drove home...
& now I am typing this blog with a glass of wine getting ready to start
City of Ashes

which I was going to take to my solo dinner and start...
It wasn't the best of birthdays.
But I wouldn't trade it because of the great dinner and "after party"

Also, my outfit was really cute
so I am happy I didn't waste it!
boots: Steve Madden $40 on sale
purple tights: Claire's $6
argyle cuff bracelet: Tattered Flower $6.50
grey dress shirt: Rue 21 $5 on sale
earrings: xmas gift from Mum $?
headband: homemade $1+supplies

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19 April 2010

Pretty Much Legit

The rundown, so that you were warned:
  • Chloe Moretz is an adorable BAMF!
  • Why Twitter is the bees knees!

So this little indie flick called KICK-ASS came out this weekend.
I went to see it at midnight last night.
it. was. awesome.
not exactly a wholesome flick though, haha[in case you didn't know from the title]

It is well known that I am a geek/nerd/dork... whatever
But I was super excited to dress up for the occasion:
My inspiration was a lil Hit Girl with a lil Alice of Resident Evil & a lil HoN "Tattoos"
[and in none of the pictures can you see my awesome purple leggings that were perfectly color watched. *pout*]

Hit Girl... sounds familiar

"Oh wait! Kat! Do you mean the little sister from (500) Days of Summer!?"


Her name is Chloe Grace Mortez.
and she is basically my new hero!

Srsly. Check out her outfit in the middle! ^
Is she to young to be one of my style icons?
Or I'd at least hire whoever her stylist is!!!

And in KICK-ASS she is funny, adorable & KICKS ASS!
now below is a red-band clip:
warning: gratuitous violence & hardcore swearing

A lot of people are freaking because she was only 11 when she shot this movie, but she is really intelligent and has great comic timing...
Check her clip on Leno. [Even though I am Team CoCo]
*She goes on to talk a little more about meet Daniel Craig in the rest of the episode*
Now after I watched that Leno clip and then the rest of her spot on Leno, I took to Twitter!
And I had been watching KICK-ASS tweets for a few days...
[important: read bottom to top!]
So legit!
oh and...
fyi, this is a family pic

So basically:
    • Chloe Moretz is officially one of my favorites!
      • & Twitter is BOMB.com!

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11 April 2010


You might have gotten this from the obnoxious title but...I'm MOVING!

I have been trying to motivate myself to pack over the weekend and as I sit on campus, not at home, you probably can tell how well that is going... Then again, I don't have wireless at my current house anymore and I had a whole weekend of blogs to catch up on (
sorry YouTubers, you'll have to wait) because clearly that is the more responsible choice... Drive to campus to surf the web.

Sure tomorrow night I'll have internet again but still...
I'll be unpacking and decorating my new room...
Then packing and unpacking again Tuesday...
Then any last minute packing and cleaning Wed.

So, I am sad so say,
Internet, I just don't have a lot of time for you this week.

And that goes for my bloggy & TweetTweet friends...
I follow a few people to my phone but I feel like I am missing A LOT!

I am getting cold and it is getting dark.
And also I am hungry.

So I am going to go get food and go home and try to motivate myself.

Feel free to txt me (if you have it)
eMail me (if you want my new addy)
and Tweet me, because I'll get to it sooner or later!

Off to Chipotle!

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09 April 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday [deux]

Today is Fill in the Blank Friday!
Tis my second time doing it... & per usual Always Alexandria is my inspiration to do so!
Then I'll link up over at 
Lauren's blog!


{1.} The strangest thing I've ever eaten was (raw?) octopus... I think... here is the story... I always go to a certian liquor store if I'm buying for others getting something other than wine. This store happened to be run by an Asian family whose two little girls (9 & 12?ish) hangout sometimes after school. Well one time they were snacking on what looked like fried noodles. Well it wasn't. It was good, tasted unique... But I don't remember exactly the name.
Otherwise I am a very boring eater. So other than that I have had a range of homemade jerkys.

{2.} My best friend is GrandmaGrandma, otherwise, not just one person.

{3.} If I could live in a different era it would be if I HAD to switch eras (NO INTERWEBS?! *le gasp*), I'd be in Austenland. I'd be very strange and probably not very popular... but I'd love to get Lost in Austen.

{4.} I like that this Tuesday Glee is returning and this summer so is Alexander Skarsgård.

{5.} If you only know one thing about me it should be that I get addicted to things (not drugs) & then I become obsessed with sharing them. So I guess I have an addictive personality?

{6.} My favorite book of all time is oh crap,..

{7.} The one beauty product I couldn't live without is lip stuff. Preferably Soft Lips.

{8.} Blogging is fun & I have meet many amazing people. But it takes me a long time so I don't post as often as  I want to,

{9.} If I could star in a movie with any actor/actress I would want to work with Nathan Fillion. Some are shock I didn't write Rob Pattinson but I have my reasons: Nathan is "too old" for me, I still "have a long shot aka no chance in hell" with Rob. So I'd like an excuse to have nearly naked time with Nathan.

{10.} One of the best feelings in the world is when you are holding hands with someone and the world falls away and you realize just how much you love them.

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08 April 2010


Last night I tweeted:

The movie I was talking about was:
Adam is a 2009 comedy-drama film written and directed by Max Mayer, starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne.
  • The film follows the relationship between a young man named Adam (Dancy) with Asperger syndrome and the woman of his dreams, Beth (Byrne). 
  • Mayer was inspired to write the film's script when he heard a radio interview with a man who had Asperger's.

Well I am a fan of Hugh Dancy!

[and not just looking at him!]
I enjoyed him in Ella Enchanted.
I enjoyed him in King Aurthur.
I enjoyed him in Blood & Chocolate.
I enjoyed him in Evening.
I enjoyed him in the Jane Austen Book Club
{great nerdy chick flic movie! - also highly recommended!}
I enjoyed him in Confessions of a Shopaholic.
And now Adam.

Don't get me wrong!
Rose Bryne does an amazing job too!

This is just one of those movies that I think deserve to be made.
It says something about life & how we love...
It is beautiful.

But I won't spoil the ending!

Just watch...

...because I highly recommend this movie!

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06 April 2010

My Easter Wrap-Up

So "yesterday" was Easter[because I started this at 11:53pm on Monday]and my wonderful family[Daddy, Mum, Brotha & GrandmaGrandma]
hours to take me out to dinner[I drove the 20mins to Loveland to meet them]
because they are awesome!

This is what I wore:
loves it!

This is where we ate:

love the bent fork door handles!

This is the very cool menu:
loves the bent curled fork cover!

This is what I ordered:
loves the french dip with a side of slaw!

This is my surprise dessert:
loves the vanilla bean creme bruleei say it was a surprise because
my family 
never orders dessert!& don't you love that i inhaled halfbefore i remembered my camera

This is my beautiful bestest friend:


also Easter is the end of Lent!& for 40 days & 40 nights
I "gave up" stuff
and this is what actually happened:

#1 I will not bring up Twilight in conversation.
I only slipped up twice in 46 days!

#2 Only 1 piece of chocolate a say.
On 3 separate occasions I caved and gorged!

  #3 No biting my nails!

Now I was feeling a little guilty about breaking my stride 7 times...
but after chatting with Kacey
who is much more Catholic than me
and she said that since between Ash Wed & Easter Sun
sometimes Sundays are considered freebies...

So I only broke once!!!Yes!

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