29 June 2010

SPOILER FREE -- Eclipse Round 1

I have no words

Only this...

Therefore this is basically a spoiler-free post.

But in Adam's words: FUCKING AWESOME 

But the ever continuing list of directors I want to work under has grown:
 Joss Whedon, Chris Weitz, and David Slade

Round 2 in less than 22hrs!

The End.

28 June 2010

Without Rain There Can Be No Rainbows

...which accurately describes the day I am about to have.

If you remember this blog, I found out that I get to screen Eclipse tonight.
(or if you saw this Tweet from yesterday...)

Since I volunteer at the Denver Center, I gots the hook-up!

Basically my "boss" cannot go promote Dracula so she asked me to go in her place!

I'll be giving out 2 pairs of tickets to lucky trivia winners,
My plus 1, Adam, & I get to stay and watch the movie,
and then hand out "Dracula bucks" after its over.

YEP! Eclipse = Rainbows!
heh, like how Edward glitters, and rainbows glitter...
heh heh, see what I did there?
[yea, I'm a loser!]

...but here is my rain...

Today also marks the first day of summer school.

Granted it is the last 2 classes of my college career..
[*fingers crossed*]
but still..
Summer school.
You can't argue that summer school = Rain.

What are some rain & rainbows in your life right now?

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*also* Did you hear about my eventual giveaway?

27 June 2010

100 is getting closer...

Did you know I am nearing 100 blog posts?!


So I want to...

But I don't know what I want to give...

So, since it will be to someone else,
I figured I should ask the possible someone else's...

What should I giveaway?

here is a handy poll:

que typo?

[feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!]

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24 June 2010

Letters to Remember Me: the movie that changed my life

Ok, so I meant to finish and post this yesterday (the 22nd) but I fell asleep at 8:30pm!!! WHAT!?
Knock, knock! Kat, is that you!? -- I know. I know. And now I am finishing and posting after midnight so technically Thursday. Fail.

17 June 2010

Da News Dump

it has seriously been since the 4th since i last blogged?!
well other than my emopants insomnia one from earlier this week
but neither were full blogs posts!
[although it might be worth a read: short and not-so-sweet]

so i think it is time for a news dump.
LTT/LTR KatOfDiamonds Style

"so, katofdiamonds, what has been going on with you?"
Well in the last 2½ish weeks I...

...got doll'd up and saw sex and the city 2 with some sexy ladies
UpsaleJane's friend, @UpsaleJane, @BittenUsagi, & me

...was lazy and hung out with my best friend's son (& her of  course)
Dante & me

...blogged about australian hotties
with the lovely help of @Jayde17

...got to support my friend kory brunson as he sang at a rapids game
(in box seats, for free!!!)
me at the Colorado Rapids game

...spent more time with a guy i've liked
(far too long without doing anything about it)
and thru him weaseled my way into the Eclipse midnight premiere for free!

...set up a facebook page for my friend's band

...saw prince of persia
and *swooned* over Jake 
those eyes!

...watched the #glee finale
and *swooned* and cried.

...sewed for basically 8hrs straight but made a cute tee
which is now one of my favs!

...dvr'd the  mtv movie awards 
and watched all the awkward.

...got really excited for the world cup
then had to work during the first few games.

...worked 20hrs in 3days
but could have used more hours

...found out that I will be screening eclipse on the 28th
as a part of my volunteer-ship (for free)!

...talked to my mom for 15min without fighting
and updated her on my week

...was told since my dad wants a new iphone for daddy's day
I get my brothers iTouch through the hand-me-down grapevine!

...saw killers
and wanted to hump Ashton Kutcher  the whole time.
(what a waste of a marriage *pout*)

...made white chocolate chip-fudge brownies
from the recipe busybeelauren posted! so goooood.

...saw get him to the greek
were the cameos, union jacks  & 'Jackie Q' were the best parts...
it was meh.

and then most recently
i got inspired to make a drastic change...
I have an appointment tomorrow morning!!

& I watched this mash-up of all the Eclipse teaser clips too many times...


& I feel so blessed that my people are letting me see it TWICE,
for FREE,
once EARLY!

What are some good things happening in your life?

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15 June 2010

my heart could have written this...

when you called me last night my heart skipped a beat and my stomach filled with butterflies and when you said hello i could barely keep myself from sighing out loud and when you told me about your day i laughed so hard i almost fell off my bed and when you told me you loved my laugh i smiled so much my cheeks hurt and when we said goodbye i missed you immediately and now there’s nothing i want to do more in the world right now than kiss you.
— me

04 June 2010

this. just. happened.

hey met robert pattenson yesterday
thought you should know
nice, on set at Water for Elephants or just out and about
on set
being the twilight fan that you are figured you'd be interesting in knowing
interested not interesting
DUDE! are you in the cast?!
hahaha no just a roustabout
thats a circus worker in the 30's
basically what he plays
so i guess technically i am
no lines or anything though
bahaha but so you are not Jacob Jankowski ;o)
i've read a version of a script
it reads very well, i am excited
*of the script
yeah the set is pretty damn incredible
i know, i've seen pictures.
if you become drinking buddies, i better be on the next flight out ;o)
i mean that is a possible future hubs of mine right there ;o)
well duh

This just happened on Facebook chat.
[Well kinda, I kept talking to him a little more after...]

Chris is a sleazy friend that I met in college.
[I tweeted that it was h.s. oops]

He is a actor and lives in LA. obvi.
But I can't help but be super jealous and pissed.

He doesn't GET IT!!!

What a waste.

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01 June 2010

The Aussie McHotHot List: Actors Edition

This is the Official
Aussie McHotHot List
aka. the "I'd travel Down Under for you!" list
aka. the 'Kat might want an Aus Hubs instead of a Brit!' list

or aka. the 'reasons to travel to Oz other than for Jayde' list

& of course I could NOT think to compile a list of
my top 7 Aussie hottie's without going to
 an expert in Aussie hotties, Jayde!

since international call rates blow
Jayde and I took to Facebook chat to bring together amazing list for ya'll!

Hey guys, Jayde here.
I was so excited when Kat asked me to collaborate on a blog post about Aussie hotties!
We are very, very fortunate here to have some of the hottest, buffest, sweetest guys from the land Down Under.
These are pretty much the cream of the crop so enjoy them and their pure deliciousness.


Since it has been a while since my last Hottie McHotHot list...
Lemme refresh you on the levels of swoon:

The Photoshoot Swoon
when they are professionally attractive
The "In Character" Swoon
when they are attractively someone else
The Just Plain HOT Swoon
when they are out&about/red carpet attractive


1st up is the lad of hottness that got me off my lazy bloggin' bum...
this movie caused so much swoon for me...
& i had a stupid goofy grin on the whole time!

[1] Christopher Egan
born in Sydney, Aus
[Charlie in Letters to Juliet]
Ironically enough I wondered last week who played Mikey
and now I feel a strong need to get to know Capt. Shepherd!
stalk his imdb here!

[2] Ryan Kwanten

born in Sydney, Aus
Oh, Jason Stackhouse... ['True Blood']
stalk his imdb here!

[3] Eric Bana

born in Melbourne, Aus

A timeless swoon, Henry

... [Time Traveler's Wife]

stalk his imdb here!

[4] Jesse Spencer

born in Melbourne, Aus

For Dr. Chase, I'd stop eating apples... ['House M.D.']
stalk his imdb here!

[5] Xavier Samuel

born in Hamilton, Aus
As the newborn Riley
stalk his imdb here!

[6] Alex O'Loughlin

born in Canberra, Aus
I'd let Stan be my baby's daddy! #hot
stalk his imdb here!

[7] Hugh Jackman

born in Sydney, Aus
So strangely attractive...
stalk his imdb here!

now here is the thing....

if I am going to stereotype an entire country as a land that grows hottness...

7 just isnt enough!

Hottie of Honorable Mention:

Emilie de Ravin

born in Mount Eliza, Aus

known for Remember Me & LOST

[wot!? you thought i'd exclude every female hottie?!
this lady got to roll around in bed with Rob!
 heck yes she is getting a mention!]


Random Bonus
while looking for photos of the hotties above,

i also went through some of my old files and found
some old graphics that i made!
enjoy and please link back!

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