26 February 2010

A Day In The Life is OVER!




...will it be called...

.:A Lil Bit O Random:.
because it WORKS for me =]

(But I haven't made a new banner, oops)

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ps. Did you see my 1st Official Hottie McHotHot list?
Grr Baby GRR!

23 February 2010

1st Official KatOfDiamonds' Hottie McHotHot List

This is the 1st Official Full-Fledged
Hottie McHotHot List


Lemme refresh you on the levels of swoon:

The Photoshoot Swoon
when they are professionally attractive
The "In Character" Swoon
when they are attractively someone else
The Just Plain HOT Swoon
when they are out&about/red carpet attractive


Without further ado

[1] Ryan Reynolds

i don't know about you but i find his 'funny' really attractive

and he is über talented!
he currently has 44 credits over at imdb!
then in the real world he is just Plain Hot!

[2] James Franco
...yeah snl sure knows how to spike viewership!
james' imdb page has plenty of variety as well!
at 51 credits of many different characters,
he is as hot as he is talented

 even his red carpet casual look causes swoon!

[3] Jake Gyllenhaal
this hottie has some serious staying power
he has won 10 awards and been nominated for 20 others
plus he is just a super cute kind of sexeh!

[4] Joseph Gordon-Levitt
did you SEE his snl? full on swoon!
he's got this adorable high-energy charm... plus a nice résumé
& man I could lose myself in his dimples! *returning the grin*

[5] Gerard Butler
this guy is truely professionally attractive

he is due to release 5 movies this year!

& I am completely alright with that!!!

[6] Zac Efron
I am
completely alright with it!
le swoon*
i am so happy that he has star power past HSM!!!
my next mission might have to involve shanking a certain girlfriend...

[7] Rob Pattinson

I love Rob... He's always lookin' smokin'!

I have since Vanity Fair in 2005
He is just so full of *swoon*-ables and
*le sigh*

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22 February 2010

Omegle: A Mildly Creepy Timesuck

O, Omegle.
Such a interesting concept.
Such a time-suck.
And sometimes sooooo creepy!

This is what Wikipedia has to say about Omegle:
Omegle is a website used for talking to strangers and "meeting new friends" via chat. The site was created by 18-year old Leif K-Brooks of Brattleboro, Vermont and was launched on March 25, 2009.

What Omegle says about Omegle:
Omegle is a brand-new service for meeting new friends. When you use Omegle, we pick another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each other. Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like.

How Omegle works:
The service randomly pairs up users online into one-on-one chat windows, where they can chat anonymously using the handles "You" and "Stranger". Either party can disconnect at any time.

Every once in a while
(when I am super bored)
I go on Omegle...

Tonight I started chatting with the intent of deciding what movie I should snuggle into be with...

Sometimes results are creepers:

Sometimes results are swell conversationalists:

But mostly, I still have not idea what movie I am going to fall asleep to...

Other websites about Omegle:

Omegle Tumblr
*I ended up choosing Garden State*
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17 February 2010

Tonight I'm Gettin Ashed!

Today is Ash Wednesday
which is the start of Lent

So for my 40 days & 40 nights
I will be giving up three things:

I will not bring up Twilight in conversation.
Also no Facebook status' nor write blogs!

Only 1 piece of chocolate a say.

But a bag of M&Ms totally counts as 1!

No biting my nails!

So after 7:00 Mass I will be off these things!
Another exciting bit of news is that I am going to Mass with my crush!

Then we are going to see Percy Jackson with a co-worker
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16 February 2010

Just Say No to Kstew... A Rant

Who's there?
-Apparently not me!-
Sometimes I just don't blog.

But since tomorrow is the beginning of LENT
I need to get this blog out there because...
well I guess you'll find out tomorrow....

 As a Twilight fan, I have an addiction to the Twi-blogs out there...
The bloggers at the forefront of this list are the ladies of LTT & LTR.
I started to leave a comment with my opinion,
and it ended up a novel. 
Therefore, I thought I'd share my "novel" here...

As someone who owns In the Land of Woman proudly, worked in a video store for over a year (around the time when Into the Wild came out) and now has been working at a movie theatre for a year and some change I can safely say... I CANNOT STAND KSTEWS ACTING!!! With or without Rob. End.Of.Story.

Rob was on my radar WAY before Twilight. KStew was on my radar starting with *wince* Zathura (since to this day I have never wanted to make my TV commit suicide with Panic Room). I rented (for free when I worked at the video store) Into The Wild and couldn't even finish the DVD... That.Never.Happens.To.Me.

And when even Twilight came out, I didn't have the nonsten passion I have now.

Shortly? after came Adventureland... When Adventureland posters started popping up around work because I get breathy around Ryan Reynolds myself, I was really excited to see it... Let me remind you I work at the movie theatre (I see movies for free)... Ugh. I walked out wanting 2hrs of my life back. I saw it with my favorite lesbian and even SHE said she hardly lusted over Kstew while I lusted over Ryan, and she is into Kstew. Bella, erm, Kstew couldn't act... (to be fair: Rob's Spanish Dalí is very similar to an American Edward.. but Little Ashes was also epically better)

New Moon was a smidgen more tolerable because post-breakup she didn't have to act. She was blah with rare wonderful moments of life and then back to whiney... aka she didn't have to act. =/ And she didn't BRING IT with a heartbreak at the break up scene... The reason I cry everytime is because I have been there and I remember how I felt reading the book. I usually have tears by this scene and don't have to worry about actually looking at her until that wonderful bare chest and beer belly show up...

I love Dakota Fanning. I love what Joan Jett did for females in the music industry... so let me just say THANK ROBWARD that I won't have to spend my own money on it.

Final verdict:
As long as I don't have to spend my own money on it, I will continue to give Kstews MOVIES a chance. And she'll probably let me down until it hits her that she isn't 14 anymore and should probably work at the craft. As far as KSTEW herself: Bloody hell woman take a shower and get off the man I have wet dreams about!

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11 February 2010

A Happy Birthday to... TaylorTot

Dear TaylorTot,
The post I wrote about your age is no longer fully accurate...
Happy 18th Birthday!!!

ps. I still feel awkward thinking about you sexually.
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09 February 2010

Hypocritical Me

Ever feel totally hypocritical?
Lately I have.

For example
the circumstance of one of my new favorite pics of myself
I took this pic with my webcam on DailyBooth
since my webcam wasn't staying connected to BlogTV
and then the pic would post live to Twitter
because I was "live cooking" for LiveAndLetDice
and anyone in the BlogTV chat.

But I also feel like a FAIL-er at being
"Stalker Friendly" lately...

Am I out of blog ideas?
No. I have tons in draft form
Am I out of vlog ideas?
No. I have half a external of raw footage to edit
Is my phone broken so I can't tweet?
No. Well kinda.
[The other one broke & I don't like texting the current]

But tomorrow I am being kicked out of my house for almost all day so I am hoping I can curl up somewhere else and get a lot done... computer wise.
Which is good for my online stalkers friends!!!

In the meantime...

Also. If you have time...
Read this one & give it love
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05 February 2010

I heart Trendy Trinket!

So there is this blog.
You might have recognized it from their button in my side bar.

On Tuesday, Today's Give Away posted a giveaway about
Trendy Trinket
Usually on TGA I enter giveaways I like simply by being a follower, having their button and going to the "host" website and choosing a favorite item.

With Trendy Trinket it was a different story.

I loved the design ideas
& I can never avoid a link that says [Clearance]

Early (very early) Wednesday morning I ordered a few items.

Today I got them!

The wrapping is so cute!

I got 3 necklaces & a charm!

Most of my purchase are future gifts for some really lucky ladies
but I'll share the necklace that I might just have to wear everyday...

None of the cameras in my house focus...

I hope you can see why I love this necklace
& why I love Trendy Trinket so much!
I hope to win the giveaway
But I fell in love with Trendy Trinket!
I hope you do too!

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01 February 2010

I'm a Beautiful Blogger, Yo!

 Yes I realize it has been 3 Chipotle burritos since my last post!
My bad.
But an award seems like a good way to kick off Feb:

The beautiful Ms Always Alexandria gifted me with
the Beautiful Blogger award.

Alex is pretty much swell & I am honored!

Here are the rules for the Beautiful Blogger award:
1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
2. Paste the award on your bloggity blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for the award
4. Share 7 interesting facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Now let's see if I can pick 7 'interesting' things about me:

[1] Joss Whedon Owns My Soul.
#truth - I own:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seasons 1-3 & 6
Angel, the entire series 1-5
Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog
Firefly, the complete series
& Serenity
His only works I need are:
Buffy 4, 5 & 7 and Dollhouse the series

[2] I self diagnose myself with things sometimes.
For example, OCD. But only with some things.
Like my DVDs... Most are in alphabetical order but then there are a few subsections that are also in alphabetical order.
And my books are methodologically organized as well. My bookshelf is actually an entertainment center coupled with a corner shelf so none of the shelves are the same size. So when I unpacked my books onto my shelf I had to "classify" certain shelves. Like a a paperback vampire series can't be next to any separate hardback books.
Basically I am strange.

I have never blacked out from drinking
but I have been able to drink more than most people I know.
It is ridiculous... I am 5' and "scientifically" I shouldn't be able to hold liquor like I could or can... I don't drink much anymore and it might have changed with my age...
But from 18-21 I could out drink most people.
And now I rarely drink. Good times.

[4] I bite my nails
and I have to keep my nails painted to keep them long.
Yet sometimes I can't even stop myself regardless of nail polish. Like now. My nails are at a longer point and just talking about them makes me want to bite them.
So I am sorry for any other nail biters. I'm stopping now.

[4] If I could come back as any animal it would be a dolphin.

I don't know if this counts but heck, my blog, my rules.
My sophomore year of college, I took a Spring Break road trip with some friends. One of our destinations was San Diego, CA and I got to go to Water World. I have been in love with the ocean since forever basically so Water World it was a dream come true. When I got to touch a dolphin the planets alinged in my heart. After I swim with them someday, oh man, I don't even know what would be better than that!

[6] I am scared to get my tattoos.
I have a fear of health needles but I have been able to get 7 piercings.
Not only do I fear the process of getting a tattoo but I am afraid that I won't be afraid after my first. I have 3 I want to get that mean a LOT to me. 3 designs that I'd be proud to take to the grave with me. But I have friends who are "normal" like me and are somewhat addicted to tats. I have always been complimented on my skin and I just don't want to get hooked.

[7] 7 is my favorite number
and I love lists!

I am not that interesting.
But here are 7 of my beautiful & interesting friends:

[3] Nicki "Miss Scarlet"
[6] Sara-Jan e"Sara-Jane"

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