27 February 2012

What Dreams Are Made Of...

I am on a YouTube collab channel of college/post-college aged nerds.
We've been getting to know eachother via videos for about a year and a half now
&& and it has been a really cool experience! I can't wait to see everyone this summer!

Sometimes I really like the kinds of questions we ask each other.
This is my video from Thursday in which I share my dreams 
&& how they came to be my dreams. I hope you enjoy it!

22 February 2012

Hunger Games Tickets & Giveaway Winners!

&& as this blog posts I will be out the door to go pick up mine!
[EDIT]  It's actually really windy so that adventure will be tomorrow.

Did any of you enter the "50 Days Till Hunger Games" contests?
I did! One was an original haiku contest and I loved my entry too much not to share...
Finn of District 4-
Classification: hottie,
More 'neath the surface.

*le sigh* I love Finnick!

.......   *   .......


In January, I had this giveaway but at the end of the month when I
tried to log into Rafflecopter my login information was 'incorrect'
 and I have been locked out ever since.... so I had to figure out
a new way to find a winner. This is what I came up with...

It was so much fun to participate in this blog hop! It was my first actually!
I went ahead and did a more common route in selecting this winner:
My inbox kept kerSPLODING! It was awesome.
oh hey Random.org
Enough waiting!
Congratulations Shane R!
Please email me at katofdiamondsblogs@gmail.com with your shipping address!

I got such sweet comments about my giveaway posts && also some great book suggestions so..
I have decided to give any of the entrants who contact me
 at the email above (& you have one week/Feb 29th to email me)
with your shipping address will get a Lorax mustache sent to them!
*Reading mind* *Natasha (hotmail email)*

14 February 2012

I Heart YA: A Valentines TFiOS Giveaway..! {CLOSED}

Hey look! A giveaway!
Yes! I am doing it here!!!

HiHiHI To anyone who is new...
I'm Kat!

I love reading. A lot!

This is the book I am currently reading...<3

Alas, it is also a library book because books are pricey...

But GIVEAWAYS are a good way to get new books for FREE!

Basically, I have two signed copies of John Green's newest The Fault in Our Stars.

Well, I really wanted a hanklerfish so I went and tracked one down on TFiOS day-

&& then my pre-ordered copy from Amazon arrived with a green J-scribble!

I want to give this green J-scribble to you!

Srsly! This could be yours!

also you'll get this fun Lorax mustache as it was&is my favorite childhood book...

...which you can use as a bookmark if you want...?
I don't care ;)

So how can you win this copy of TFiOS??
*No, you do not have to be a blog follower to win...but I'd be nice for me if you were! ;)

Mandatory Comment Entry #1
-Answer this question:
What is the best YA book you have read this year? {1 entry}

Extra Entries:
Comment Entry #2
-Follow this blog.
As a new comment, tell me if you are a new or current follower. {1 entry}

Comment Entry #3
-Tweet about this giveaway.
Tweet about this giveaway and leave the status link in my comments.{1 entry}
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@KatOfDiamonds so I see it too]

Comment Entry #4
-Follow me on Twitter & stay up to date on new posts.
As a new comment, leave me the Twitter handle you follow me with. {1 entry}

***This giveaway will run from today until midnight February 20 MST.***

WANT MOAR FREE BOOKS!?!? Of course you do!
There are other awesome bloggers invloved in the I Heart YA Hop:

12 February 2012

5..oops.. Films Sat..oops..Sunday :: Week 6

Short and Sweet Overview: Watch 365 films in the year 2012.

Confused? READ THIS.

Every Saturday I am going to recap 7 movies I've watched that week!

Below you'll see a list with the film, the year, the director
&& maybe a quick blip of my feelings toward movie!

Sound fun!? I think so! Feel free to join in!
&& let me know in the comments if you do!

So here we go!
Sunday, February 5 - Saturday, February 11th:
    Chronicle Poster
  • Chronicle :: 2012 :: Josh Trank 
    • This movie was filmed a lot like Cloverfield but oh so much better!!! It worked as an entertaining film as proved by the other 250 interested faces in the audience that Ryan and I shared... But more importantly (at least for my adoration of it) was it's commentary on human nature. Apex predator.... *shudder*

  • Mean Girls :: 2004 :: Mark Waters
    •  I can quote this movie for ages. In fact that is why I chose to watch it this week. At work (the cinema) my co-workers and I sat in the break room for about 10mins just spewing quotes!

  • Pineapple Express :: 2008 :: David Gordon Green
    •  I adore this movie to the maxium amount that a non-stoner girl can..
      Sarah once said that to her "
      Wet Hot American Summer is a polarizing comedy" and I agree with her, we know I loved it. For me Pineapple Express is a polarizing comedy as well. Yes, there is a lot of stoner humor but past that it is a really clever and fun flick and it holds a spot in my Top 10 for the amusement I receive that has yet to fade..!
    TRON: Legacy Poster
  • Latter Days :: 2003 :: C. Jay Cox
    •  Great film. Warning label for some of my more conservative readers: a GAY film. But it is a film that holds one of my most favorite quotes..!
  • TRON Legacy :: 2009 :: Joseph Kosinski
    •  This movie gives me so much nerd swoon! And regular swoon *cough*future American husband *cough,cough*.
      This movie will be watched a
      few times over this year...

Actually this was a rough week for me & movies...
I had a few more shifts at the jobs, work out sessions added into my schedule and even a few adventures...! I am going to try to make up the missing films next week so I do not fall behind on the challenge.
SO MANY MOVIES! Wish me luck?

Past 7FS Posts:

Let's not talk about....

....how badly I am in Nerdfighterlike with someone.
But that is why 7FS is going up late/on Sunday.
Deal with it! ;) <3

04 February 2012

7 Films Saturday :: Week 5

Short and Sweet Overview: Watch 365 films in the year 2012.

Confused? READ THIS.

Every Saturday I am going to recap 7 movies I've watched that week!

Below you'll see a list with the film, the year, the director
&& maybe a quick blip of my feelings toward movie!

Sound fun!? I think so! Feel free to join in!
&& let me know in the comments if you do!

So here we go!
Sunday, January 29 - Saturday, February 4th:
    Finding Nemo Poster
  • Finding Nemo :: 2003 :: Andrew Stanton & Lee Unkrich
    • Favourite! I can quote basically the whole film. Need I say more?
      Okay, it's being re-released in theaters soon in 3D and I am totally going! Probably more than once.
  • Conversations with Other Women :: 2006 :: Hans Canosa
    •  I flagged this film to watch because I enjoy performances by both Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart. I. Loved. The. Cinematography. LOVED IT. The whole film is shot in dual frame and it is beautiful. I also enjoyed that it was 84mins about one night, two lives and a story about love. Totally worth the watch.
  • Confessions of a Superhero :: 2007 :: Matt Ogens
    • As a fan of superheroes myself, I flagged this one on Hulu to watch ages ago but I never got around to it. It is currently available on Netflix so I figured it was time. It was a really interesting documentary and at times depressing. It takes a certain kind of wackadoodle to try to make it in Hollywood (some more wackadoodley than others, of course).
  • Stick It :: 2006 :: Jessica Bendinger
    •  "It's not called gym-nice-tics!" lawls

  • The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down :: 2007 :: Paul Sapiano
    •  idk. I like mockumentary movies but the review that this is a late night, nothing else better to do movie is accurate.
Star Trek Poster
  • TiMER :: 2009 :: Jac Schaeffer
    • Anya from Buffy Emma Caulfield stars in what looked like a sci-fi romcom to me so I was IN. & guess what...I really liked it, like 5-star-liked it, like prolly-will-buy-it-liked it.
  • Star Trek :: 2009 :: J.J. Abrams
    • In honor of the sequel currently filming, I had to. I really adore this reboot.
      "Live long and may the force be with you.

Past 7FS Posts:

02 February 2012

Book Recap: January 2012

Here is a recap of all the books I read this month!

Click the covers to open their Goodreads page.

4 Jan 8 Jan 11 Jan 15 Jan
The Girl in the Steel Corset (Steampunk Chronicles, #1)
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) The Fault in Our Stars The Future of Us
17 Jan 19 Jan 23 Jan 25 Jan
Lola and the Boy Next Door The Secret To Lying Mercy (Mercy, #1) Tempest Rising (Tempest #1)

 Dates listed are dates finished.

  • The Girl in the Steel Corset :: Kady Cross
    • If ever there was a single book that makes me love steam-punk, this is it!
      Plus it is set in London. So there is that. I am very excited for the next one! 
      • Additionally, this is one of those books where if done correctly would look really good on the silver screen. Jus' sayin'
  •  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? :: Mindy Kaling
    • I don't watch The Office other than the random re-runs on TBS but home-girl is ADORABLE and hilarious. Equally, this book is adorable and hilarious! I especially loved the chapter 'Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities;' it was both funny and accurate and I want to share it with every one of my best friends!
  • The Fault in Our Stars :: John Green
    • I. Love. John Green. Admittedly I have not read or loved EVERY book of his (LFA-really good, AoK-couldn't finish, PT-pledge to read by this summer, LiS comp-not yet read, WGWG w/David Levithan=love) but the man behind the career is pretty phenomenal. #FTL That is why I pre-ordered TFiOS on Day 1 back in June when I knew very little about it. Now, months later, I know I also went in knowing little about it and I think that way is a great way to read this glorious book about young love and life as a kid with terminal cancer which is NOT as sad as it sounds. Promise.
  • The Future of Us :: Jay Acker & Caroline Mackler
    • I really liked the concept of knowing your future and then how to cause "ripples" to change it. Honestly, Josh and Emma kind of got on my nerves at times. There's definitely laughy moments both with talk of AOL (I remember my first IM and email address!!!) and then the talk of Netflix and Facebook.

  • Lola and the Boy Next Door :: Stephanie Perkins
    • I had no idea I was going to enjoy this book so much!! Lola is everything I dreamed of being in high school and yet never was (except for the confidence); I enjoyed her themed outfits and wigs even though they creep me out in real life. I loved learning more and more about Cricket (COOL NAME ALERT) as she did. Plus, It was wonderful to have Anna and St. Clair back for a chunk of everything.
      But what kept me reading while I was wary in the first two chapters is that Lola's parents are two men who love each other dearly and who she deems as more strict than her parents friends. I love that they are front and center in the book. I love that Lola has a good/great relationship with them. I love that they are just like any other parents in real life (vs book parents who sometimes are hardly present and don't notice when their kids are {insert terrible plot/character here}.
  • The Secret To Lying :: Todd Mitchell
    • I didn't know what to make of this book. I liked it, yes, but it hasn't stuck with me the way most books do. I was drawn to the cover in the book store but ended it getting it from the library months later. Here is the summary if you are interested yourself.
  • Mercy :: Rebecca Lim
    • For me, the first 100 pages were torture but since I was reading late at night, I didn't notice that I had already hit halfway until I was too tired to read. I felt the first half was too slow and like I didn't know enough about Mercy to care about her. Maybe the way the voice is written left me with scattered information. Yet, the second half I really liked. In that last 100 pages I found myself trying to solve the mystery and couldn't put it down until I finished 3am.
  • Tempest Rising :: Tracy Deebs
    • At first I was a tad bit wary but ultimately I feel in love with this book and it's version of mermaids. But seriously, how would I not? says the girl with the water/dolphin tattoo. Book 2 comes out this summer! ;)
     && Harry Potter
I love my leather bound edition! #nerd
    Separate from my challenge to read 100 new books, I also decided to re-read Harry Potter this year.
    Harry Potter and the PhiloSorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling
  • This is actually my first re-read of any Harry Potter books since the third movie was released in 2004!
  • I also have realised how much I miss Harry's world within the pages vs the screen or on Pottermore. (Though I have enjoyed Pottermore!)
  • via tumblr search "snitch"
  • I cried. Yep.

What books have you read this month?
Please feel free to leave recs in the comments!

          01 February 2012


          * * * *
          I have an eFriend who wrote a book inspired by Taylor Swift's "Love Story" music video.
          Her name is Michelle Madow her debut novel is called Remembrance.
          She wrote a blog entry a few months ago about how Remembrance was inspired by Taylor Swift's "Love Story" music video. She even wrote a letter to Taylor Swift and sent it to her, along with a signed book!

          It's been a few months now, and she has yet to hear back from Taylor that she received the letter and book. She really wants to tell Taylor about how inspiring she and her music have been to her, but since Taylor Swift is an international superstar, she’s a little hard to reach. 
          This is where YOUR help comes into play! Michelle is giving away the biggest prize pack she's offered yet, and the ways to enter to win are by telling Taylor Swift about Remembrance.

          The Goal: Get Taylor Swift to Tweet about Remembrance!

          Here is the MASSIVE PRIZE PACK for the Project Tell Taylor Giveaway!
          ~ A signed copy of Remembrance
          ~ A signed copy of Vengeance
          ~ A mask that resembles the one on the Remembrance cover
          ~ A mask that resembles the one on the Vengeance cover
          ~ Three signed Remembrance bookmarks
          ~ Two Remembrance stickers
          ~ Taylor Swift's "Fearless" CD
          (on it is "Love Story," the song that started it all!)
          ~ Taylor Swift's debut album
          ("Our Song" and "Teardrops on my Guitar" were also influential to the creation of Remembrance)
          ~ Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, since it's referred to many times in Remembrance.
          (And the new HarperTeen cover is so pretty!)
          ~ A one-of-a-kind replica of the bracelet Drew gives Lizzie.
          You best believe I am entering this giveaway myself!!!

          About Remembrance

           Lizzie Davenport has been reincarnated from Regency Era, England ... but she doesn't know it yet. 

          Then Drew Carmichael transfers into Lizzie's high school, and she feels a connection to him, almost like she knows him. She can't stop thinking about him, but whenever she tries talking with him about the mysteries behind her feelings, he makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. Reaching him is even more difficult because she has a boyfriend, Jeremy, who has started to become full of himself after being elected co-captain of the varsity soccer team, and her flirtatious best friend Chelsea starts dating Drew soon after his arrival. So why can't she get him out of her mind? 

          Even though Lizzie knows she should let go of her fascination with Drew, fighting fate isn't going to be easy.

          So you may be asking:
          But Kat, have you even read Remembrance?
          YES! & you can read my thoughts on it here
          OR read other reviews on Goodreads!

          I find it sofrakkingcool that Michelle was inspired by Taylor Swift.
          Inspiration is hard to come by.

          Michelle has been my eFriend for over 7 years since I found her writing blog on mySpace
          and being able to watch her follow her dreams has been something beautiful.
          But what impresses me most is the fact that Michelle wrote a frikkin book that so many people have read and been inspired by themselves.

          So a few weeks ago when I saw Michelle asking on Twitter for bloggers
          to help spread the word of Project Tell Taylor, I knew I wanted to help out!

          Now how do you help & enter the giveaway..?
           Well Michelle has shared the Rafflecopter widget with us
          so you can enter direct from my blog! TECH IS SO COOL!