31 October 2010

$2 Boorito Day: Halloween at Chipotle

Last year I reminded you that Chipotle does free burritos on Halloween to those who dress up and I shared my adventure from that night...

Well this year Chipotle has changed it up.
FREE Booritos are now $2 Booritos - for charity.

On one hand I am a little sad.
I loved dressing up as a burrito to get as many free burritos as possible...
R.I.P. Slutty Burrito Costume

I am happy to support the cause.
It really is a great charity that they chose to raise money and awareness for:

I am currently brainstorming some processed food costume ideas...
Because you know where I'll be!

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

What are you doing for Halloween?!

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29 October 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday [Halloween Edition]

It's been a while since I've done Lauren's Fill In The Blank Friday.

This week's theme is obviously...

I couldn't resist!
I mean it IS my favourite holiday!

1.   My Halloween plans this year will include  
  dressing up as [shhh its a surprise-ish] with a couple of gal pals after work on Saturday. I also hope to be able to dress up at work but I only work Saturday, not Sunday. *pout*
I'll probably be a Black Kitteh Kat to pass out candy to the kids and I most certainly will be going to Chipotle! Om nom nom nom   .

2.  My most memorable Halloween costume was   
 being Rainbow Brite - College Fag Hag edition. No I wasn't a slutty 80's character (well there was cleavage) but I put together my costume myself and party hopped with some of my gay boys while passing out sparkly star stickers on peoples face's. It was also the last Halloween I spent with BFF Josh (RIP my dear)   .

3.  For Halloween this year I'm going to be  
   sorry! Tis a secret(ish)   .

4.  I've always wanted to dress up as   
  Wall-E and EVE. But I need a boyfriend for that Halloween pair... So you can't steal it! Or if you do, you can't tell me   .

5.  Halloween free association!      

6.  The worst thing about Halloween is   
  that it is usually pretty darn cold here in Colorado. And you gotta plan your costume accordingly   .

7.  The best thing about Halloween is   
COSTUMES!  I LOVE dressing up.  I usually have more than one costume ready at Halloween! I rule   .

what are your Halloween plans?
Let me know in the comments so I can get excited!

{Also don't forget to link up over at Lauren's blog if you do this too!}
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27 October 2010

can i just say...

...i am SUPER excited for this movie:

I love that she is voiced by Mandy Moore.
I love that he is voiced by Zachary Levi.
I love the modern twist on this story.
Just love. love. love.

And this is how excited I am:
^ Nerd.
Sometimes I love my job!

Now roll the clip!

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25 October 2010

Must. Have. Monday [1]

 There is this awesome blogger out there.
Her name is Alex. Also @alexandriacadyh.
Even though she is super busy now that she's all grown up to 25...
(yesterday was her birthday! wish her a happy one here?)
with a grown up job dealing with other grown ups who aren't very grown up...
She has a super fun blog!

I have stolen a few blog ideas from her in the past
and this is no exception!
I give you my first 
Must. Have. Monday.
*vests & shrugs edition*

[1.] 'Lazerade Roth Vest' from Urban Outfitters
Price: $39.99 on sale!
I love the color, cut and buttons on this vest. I love it!
Plus it is on sale at a much better price. :)

[2.] 'Mossimo Striped Shrug' from Target
Price: $22.99
"If it doesn't button, it isn't a vest" -Me
I know that it is listed as a 'vest' but I consider these 'shrugs'
Anyways, I love the striped casual look these give.
Perfect for fall days when it isn't as crisp outside.
Plus it is pretty inexpensive! Thanks Target!

Price: $92.00 on sale
 I'm totally diggin the long and skinny but still sharp look.
It is super expensive but geeeeez! I want.

[4.] 'Snickerdoodle Vest/Shrug ' from Anthropologie
Price: $49.95 on sale!
 Now normally as much as I love look's from Anthro,
I usually don't think they are worth the mula. This time?
I am crying inside. This vest is so worth it.

Price: $34.99
 This one is beautiful to me. I love how it looks reversible.
Just like Anthro, I sometimes I don't think Mod Cloth
is within my 'budgetary happy place.'

Price: $75.00 on sale
 I love how long this shrug is. And yes, I am fond of stripes!
Too bad that even on sale it is ridiculously not cheap.

[7.] 'Dramaturge Vest ' from Mod Cloth
Price: $64.99
 This. Is. My. Favorite.
I am a cheapskate but GAH!
I'd totally pay for this.
So it is probably a good thing that it is current out-of-stock.

That was equal parts fun & depressing! Heh.
What is on your "must have" list?

ps. Happy Monday!  

p.ss. Thanks for being awesome, Ms Always Alexandria! 

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    23 October 2010

    careful what you wish for...

    Last night was basically a Shit Show.

    Last night I was itching to go out and do something other than sit at home and knit for yet another Friday night.
    Well this is a blog about being careful what you wish for.

    At first I was going to blog about all the shit that went down for therapeutic reasons but I've changed my mind about that too. I do not know who reads my blog and when and I won't condemn anyone here.

    What I will say is that it got so bad that I had to walk away. My "lifeguard" training over powered my "Mother Bear" attitude...
    If you know me at all, you know I care about people a lot!! I can meet you at a party and in the same night be holding your hair back as you puke or staying over to make sure no one takes advantage. So when I say last night got so bad that I walked away from someone I have known for 9 years, I want you to understand the gravity of how I feel.

    No I did not walk away because I was angry. I walked away because the lifeguard in me said "you only go in for the rescue if you know you can save at least yourself." And last night this person was beyond saving.
    Yes I did go in the for the rescue but it got to the point where if I hadn't walked away, I might have drowned too.

    I'm praying for those who were lost last night. I sincerely hope that they find their way home, both literally and figuratively.

    I'm thankful that I had the Powers That Be watching over me, that I got home safe, and that I have enough Street Cred to take care of my self.

    I'm sorry for ever underestimating just staying home.

    And if those who were there last night ever read this, I forgive you.
    But no, I can't ever forget.

    That being said, I am thankful for that I have and next time I'll be more careful for what I wish for...

    I also hope that my next blog post can go back to being about stupid pop culture things, fun friends and hot boys...<3

    Until next time, take care.

    16 October 2010

    stood up.

    Last night I was stood up by a guy I didn't even want to go out with.

    This is what my social life has become.

    I wanted to see a movie.
    Any movie.
    I mean I work at the cinema and get free tickets...

    And like an idiot I put it up on Facebook.

    This kid from h.s. texted me and I had been successfully avoided seeing him irl so far in the 7weeks that I have been living here. And after I had texted nearly every other person in my phone who lives here, I finally texted him back.

    But at all costs I did not want this to be a date.

    So I gave him a choice between The Town and Life As We Know It
    and of course he picked...
    because he did want it to be a date.

    After telling him that was fine, I also sent a text to confirm which theater I was heading to...
    He sent me a text  containing one of my biggest pet peeves:
    "where u live?"


    So I ran upstairs,
    threw on my shoes,
    grabbed my purse,
    high tailed it over to work
    and sent back
    "I'm inside with your ticket because it is too cold to wait outside."

    And I waited.
    And waited.

    And bitched to my co-workers how much I wasn't excited to see this movie with him.

    And then karma? took its turn.
    He never showed.

     I ended up waiting past the 15mins of trailers,
    which I love watching,
    and 10mins into the movie and nothing.
    No call.
    No text.
    No show.

    fast foward to 2am.
    "i never found you"


    I liked the movie.

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    07 October 2010

    Hollywood Obsession

    Sometimes I get so obsessed.

    And today I became obsessed with
    I fraking love this music video.
    Michael Bublé must have had so much fun making it!!

     I just needed to share!

    Moving on.

    and then posted a duo contest-giveaway blog?

    Well I have my very first winners!

    Out of the 9 entries for the giveaway portion
    I went to Random.org and:


    Alexandria said...                                               
    I NEED to work on staying and being body positive.

    You are beautiful. That is all.                                    


    Alex has won a personalized Twilight or Hunger Games bracelet made by me!
    Email me for the deets gal so I can get to it!

    And for the name of my newest stuffed friend?

    Kell said...                                                  
    Norbert. Like.. from Harry Potter. Hagrid's dragon!                         
     Girl! You will get $5 off anything in Christina's shoppe!
    Thanks to all of those who participated in my 100th post!!
    Here's to the next 100!

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    05 October 2010

    welllll not *that* lazy

    This is not a blog about my trip to KS to see Kacey.

    Some might call this lazy...

    But that isn't entirely the case.

    I have a bit of a distraction living with me...
    That is Kona.
    Playing with a metal knitting needle.
    A metal toy.


    For the last week I have gotten my self re-hooked on knitting.
    [pun intended?]

    Well a evil beautiful friend introduced me to the site

    I have lost hours searching patterns and finding inspiration.

    Add me there if you feel like adding or beginning your addiction to the site.

    .....and, well
    the lazy bum in me says that the other reason is that all of my video and photos from my trip to KS are on my external not my laptop.. and that means I'd actually have to hook up my external to access them.


    but really...
     How could you not be distracted by this?!

    just sayin'

    This giveaway closes in 28hrs!
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    03 October 2010


    sometimes i feel fat.
     i get depressed and angry with myself for letting myself go.

    . . .
    then 15mins later i am eating ice cream right out of the container.
    [me. 30 mins ago.]

    but in order to be more respectful of my body
    i have decided to only eat sweets every other day...
    or less.

    i know i am not fat.
    but i am also not healthy anymore either.

    october is a good time to start.
    30 days till my super awesome halloween cos idea.

    aka. huge reason to begin a healthier lifestyle.

    i love me.
    i am beautiful.
    but my body needs to reflect healthy choices...
    not what i have done to it since graduating high school.

    i want to live body positive.
    i also want to live long enough to teach that to my girls kids.

    comment question:
    what do you do to stay 'body positive'?

    i promise to blog about my trip to kansas soon!

    OH AND!
    Remember that your first comment on this post
    will be 1 entry in this giveaway!

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