All About Me!

When I first started this blog I had no idea how I should introduce myself or what I would write in an 'about me' section. Well in January of 2011 you may have read that I was single and taking applications for a boyfriend and like any gal in this day&age, I have a profile on an online dating site. I didn't know what to write there either. Enter Glass of Wine.
AND BAM! Perfection.
I love my profile but I still have yet to have anything come of it.
Online dating is more stressful then its worth.
My life is too busy to keep up with it.
Enter the beginning of this page. I freaking love my profile! && I don't know about you but when deciding whether to follow a person's blog it is a lot like deciding on whether or not to date someone. 
So without furthur ado,
I give you my About Me it all it's online dating profile epicness!

Quick Details
Ethnicity: White  Mutt of UK and Anglo-Europe, but maybe 2% ethnic 
Height: 5' / 1.52m
Smokes: No
Drinks: Socially
Drugs: Never
Religion: Christianity - not mainstream about it
Sign: Taurus - it's fun to think about
Education: Working on university
Job: Lifeguard Instructor, Swim Instructor, Ticket sales at a cinema
Children: I have no children Has a furkid, Kona.
Speaks: English (poorly lol), Sign Language (beginner)


Because of my complete lack of success on dating sites (unless you count getting contacted by too many creepers) I am filling out this profile as Kat-who-just-had-a-glass-of-White-Merlot. Cheers!

I am awesome. You need more? Well ok:

I am...
...intelligent but not in the way of math and sciences
...pretty nerdy and proud of it!
...a Ravenclaw.

I like... learn but not to study (in the traditional mind-set)
...spending time on the internet. It fascinates me!
...talking to people who's views are different than mine (but I prefer that they also attempt to keep a level head as much as I will try)

I love... friends and family cat, even though she is crazy.

I want... learn conversational Swedish and then go use it!
...people to be nicer to each other on the whole and without an ulterior motive live in a few other countries for [x amount of time]

I most recently fangirl'd over... first two tattoos symbolizing my passion for water and "Spring Awakening"
...the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2.
...a knitting pattern book made up of Harry Potter projects.

I dislike... A lot.
...people who are automatically rude to those in customer service complaining so I try not to
*edit* I seriously dislike when [insert user name here] messages me with (paraphrase:) 'Hi. I'd really like to get to know you.' -cut to a few lines later- 'I realize this is your favorite food since it is mentioned many times over in your profile but I think that you need to try _______ from ________ and love it instead.' {crickets}

I would...
...totally date Clark Kent the world in an instant if I could
...never marry somebody for money but I won't deny that it would be in the Pro column

I've seen...
...miracles much beauty in this world. And some not so much
...Water for Elephants and thought it was fantastic!

I swoon over...
...male vocals
...amazing photography captures
...actually a lot of things because I do enjoy a good swoon!

I believe that...
...Qudoba has nothing on Chipotle. End of story.
...Luna is the coolest person at Hogwarts.
...a higher power watches over us.

I recently...
...added something to this profile hooked on bubble tea smoothies
...began to really miss my long hair

I know...
...that the cake is a lie.
...I was born this way. an appropriate response to 'I love you' if you are Han Solo or someone I'm in love with.

...use the internet daily and have fallen in love with the amazing capabilities
...want to try to decrease world suck in my daily life and hope others will wake up and actively do this too
...saw [127 Hours] and it confirmed to me just how talented James Franco is.

&& my favorite holiday is Halloween. 
What I’m doing with my life
1. Working to be able to afford finishing uni.
2. Making choices that will take me closer to my goals.
3. Enjoying friends and family irl and on the interwebs.
4. Loving Chipotle!

School is all about assignments. I like to read for fun! This year I started a Reading Challenge; I want to read 50 novels in 2011.
Current book count: 30 (updated: 29 May)

The first things people usually notice about me
.I am really short.

.My physical appearance... obviously.

.Hopefully my personality! =]

.That I use a fair amount of slang :ie: ta, uni, bloody, take away, mucked it up, wonky, etc. well as nerdy phrase/slang :ie: frak, frakking, everything is shinny, gives me a happy, that is so single-entendre, love makes you do the wacky, etc.
...and I like making up my own phrases and slang inspired by Buffy-speak which my friends call (hopefully affectionately) Kat-isms.

...and you'll probably notice that I am a fan of the ellipsis but almost never use it correctly. 
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
() I have an account on Goodreads to keep track of what I have liked and what I want to read (or re-read) in the future. I am a fan of young adult fiction. The Hunger Games. Harry Potter. Sookie Stackhouse series. yes, even the Twilight Saga and I won't apologize because I have met some truly fantastic people from being a fan of these books!

() I have a movie addiction. Which is probably a good thing as I have an Olympic-sized dream of being a director. My favorite movie is [Remember Me] and not because of Robert Pattinson although his fame certainly helped. I heard of his project and was excited to learn more. An anon source sent me the 2008 version of the script, I stalked the pappz pics to see what order they choose to film the script and it gave me an idea of what scenes from the script I read the director (Allen Coulter) would be keeping. Then when the movie was released I got to see the transformation. It was the catalyst that made me think, "I want to do this." So basically I try to give any movie a chance (except slasher scary shit) because even if it awful, I can learn something from it.

() I proudly love my 90s iTunes playlist, my friends who create their own music, country music, specific songs from Glee, 33.77% of the USA Top 40 list, a good chunk of the punk genre, Swedish pop and popular hipster music.

() Chipotle. Oh man do I love Chipotle. Obviously.. 
The six things I could never do without
(I refuse to put these in numerical order so lets start with....)
- Chipotle
- I'm a big fan of the sun on my face
- having fun in a body of H2O
- singing poorly along to music
- quoting, watching and studying movies
- having something to smile about
#7 - the internet. It really does come this close.

...friends, family, my cat.. don't count because they are not things... 
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Well currently:
Why doesn't the movie/book/music/food question include TV? Because Joss Whedon is my hero and that says a lot about me... I'd be honored to learn from him! 
On a typical Friday night I am
at home with Grandma knitting.
Or working.
Or out with friends at the hookah* bar.
Or out with friends dancing.
Or out with friends at a karaoke bar waiting for the rest of the bar to get drunk enough not to care about my tone-deaf performance =)

*no I do not consider hookah 'smoking' even though I am aware of what it is and the cons list 

I also have tagged many of my posts 'all about me'
if you have read this page and still want more!