29 September 2010

Counting down to Number Four

I am a nerd.
[Among other things...]
I countdown to book releases.
I count down to movie releases.

And since this book is already out.
With the help of today's release of a real trailer...
I am counting down to Number Four.

Please join Lar, Kell and I in the fangirling
[or whatever the guy version is]
and go read the book!


Tonight after Criminal Minds
[which was an amazing episode!!!],
I was going to close the contest/giveaway...
But that was before all of my tech decided to hate me.

I went through nerd h-e-double hockey sticks this week.
First the laptop charger dies.
Then the cell phone battery shot.
As well as the Wifi on my iTouch stops working.

Um, Powers That Be, not cool.

I am extending the contest/giveaway one more week to

So if you haven't GO ENTER!

Remember that your first comment on this post
will be 1 entry in this giveaway!
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22 September 2010

The 100th Post Story-Contest-Giveaway [CLOSED]

 ...because I won Christina's giveaway!!!
&& this is my 100th post!
[which only took me over a year of writing this blog...] 

You know Christina...
@cdugan88 on Twitter?

She gave me the choice of anything in her shoppe as my prize!!!
&& I chose this guy!

Today he arrived!!!
[And I went to get him out of the complex "specialty mail" box during a commercial break of Criminal Minds -- little did they know how special the mail was!]

But there are more important things afoot!
Meet Henri.

Henri has been very excited for my package to arrive!

He waited as I opened my arrival!

But got a little impatient as I stopped to adore Christina's awesome business card...

But soon they would meet
face to face!

Don't worry!
They became fast friends!

Also the little guy wanted to show off where he had traveled from...

 ...which peeked Kona's interest...

& they had to meet as well!

There is a problem!!!
My lil dragon has no name!

Name my dragon!

But seriously!
He needs a name!

You have until Wednesday, 29 Sept 2010 9pm MST...
to submit a name for my new dragon in my comments.
[Basically until I finish watching Criminal Minds in Colorado.]

The person who's name I choose will receive $5 off anything in the

...for those of you who submit a name...

Some of you remember I made a cuff to wear to the Eclipse movie premiere...
I will be giving away a handmade bracelet made by me inspired by
The Twilight Saga
The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Winner's Choice!

*how to win*

Mandatory Entry:
-Submit a name for my dragon on this post.
Extra Entries:
-Tell me who your favorite character on Criminal Minds is/was & why...
1 entry

-Tell me you follow my blog or become a follower for the next week...
1 entry
-Once a day, tweet about this giveaway and leave the status link in my comments.
{or just remember to use my Twitter handle so I see it @KatOfDiamonds}
1 entry per Tweet

-Blog about this giveaway & contests and leave the link in my comments.
1 entry

-Buy something from Christina's Shoppe and have Christina email me to confirm.
10 entries per purchase

-Leave a comment on any other blog I post between now and Wednesday the 29th.
[edit] October 6th!
1 entry

So there are a LOT of ways to win the giveaway...
BUT only one will name my dragon!!!

Remember the contest ends after I finish watching Criminal Minds next week 
on October 6th!

Good luck!

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14 September 2010

leNerdy McHotHot: A Co-Ed List

I am way overdue on a McHotHot list!
& since 'hot nerd' is on my []checklist for the future hubby... 

leNerdy McHotHot List


My levels of swoon:
The "In Character" Swoon
when they are attractively someone else

The Photoshoot Swoon
when they are professionally attractive
The Just Plain HOT Swoon
when they are out&about/red carpet attractive


[1] Fran Kranz
If you needed one single reason to watch Dollhouse...
Fran Kranz would be that single reason!
Nerd Power: 
His Tweets +3
He's my Facebook friend! heh +5
Role of Topher in Dollhouse +10 in my heart!

*1up bonus: Recently on Off Broadway in NYC

[2] Natalie Portman
i am possibly one of Natalie Portman's biggest fans
She is simply brilliant!
Nerd Power: 
Totally Hot Jew ;o) +2
Harvard Grad +6
Role of Sam in Garden State +10!
 *1up bonus: She is in my "celebrity family" as my big sis

[3] Adam Brody
Who didn't swoon over Seth Cohen!?
I am pretty sure he enjoys being type-cast... We are both okay with it!
Nerd Power: 
Yet Another Hot Jew +2
Writes screenplays, songs and comic books +6
Role of Dave Rygalski in old school "Gilmore Girls" +10!
 *1up bonus: he gave us Seth Cohen, need I say more?
ps. I am way excited for The Romantics!

[4] Kevin McHale
Artie. End of story.
 If you don't love him as Artie...
you deserve to only see the FAILwhale on Twitter for the rest of  forever.
Nerd Power: 
Avid Tweet-head +3
Rocks some awesome nerd frames! +5
Role of Artie in Glee [duh] +10!
 *1up bonus: he was on True Blood before everyone and their mother (literally, my mum DVRs that shiz for herself and me) got hooked on Eric the show!

[5] Felicia Day
She is the Empress of the Interwebs!
She is the prime example of how awesome the internet can be!
As well as Girl Geek power!
Nerd Power: 
Total Twitter Fiend +3
Is one of "Joss's" girls [Buffy, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse] +5
Role of Vi (where I first saw her) in "Buffy" +10!
 *1up bonus: she introduced gaming (via The Guild) to a non-gamer like me!

[6] Matthew Gray Gubler
He is the example of 'attractively awkward nerd'
Seriously. I swoon.

Nerd Power: 
Has branded his fan base online with @GUBLERNATION  +3
So unique in his creative endeavors +5
Role of Dr. Spencer Reid in "Criminal Minds" +10!
 *1up bonus: he was totally adorkable in (500) Days of Summer
& is the voice of Simon (as in the chipmunk!)

[7] Rob Pattinson
if you are any sort of LTR girl you know...
that through his hottness...
 He is still a big fat nerd!
Nerd Power: 
Only GQs up when he has a stylist +1
Role of Daniel Gale. Period. +17 in my heart!

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08 September 2010

I Know You Miss Me But...

::Dear Kat,
Your last blog was on 30 August 2010.
Where have you been?::

Dear Bloggy World.

I am sorry I have been MIA.
I love blogging... But I have been vlogging longer.
And right now is Sixty Second September
[The short explanation is 1 60sec video everyday of September.]

So everyday, I have been updating over on my YouTube channel.
Also I really love my videos. Usually.

I sometimes wonder why there seems to be a "war of the worlds" between bloggers and vloggers.

In the interest of saving the world,
I want to share my first week of SSS with my bloggy friends.

Day 1 ~ Intro!

Day 2 ~ Theme Thursday

Day 3 ~ Friendly Friday

Day 4 ~ Shout-out Saturday

Day 5 ~ Story-time Sunday

Day 6 ~ Movie Review Monday

Day 7 ~ Turn-up-the-Tunes Tuesday

So, do you hate me...?
Am I a traitor?
If not, feel free to subscribe to my video world too!
I'd love to bring the two worlds together...
Even if only to feed my narcissism.

Comment Question:
What other hobbies do you commit your time to?

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