21 March 2012

Welcome, welcome to the Hunger Games!

{I am actually blogging this from line right now!}

I had some friends help me with a video message to new Hunger Games fans!
I hope you enjoy it!

|The Friends|
Lauren * Lee * Jayde * Amanda * Ryan

19 March 2012

the return of must have monday!

I am mildly addicted to online shopping. 

I love surfing all over the internet for cute clothes an nerdy things! 
Must. Have. Monday. is a blog idea stolen from Alex that allows me to swoon
 and share some of the fun stuff I have been stalking lately!

Price: $41.00
This dress is from Very.com, which I discovered from ANTM. #noshame
I. Love. The. Print! && I love the lines and cut of this dress!
Plus that is a damn good price!

Price: $27.99 on sale!
This is such a fun necklace! I mean Rainbow Colored Pencils!!!
How up my alley could you get? However the price isn't my favorite ;)

Price: $18.00
 DUDE. I want. 
I just want so much!! So much want!!
It is just so cute and so perfect and so me!

Price: $62.00
This skirt was in this haul video and I died.
Why, oh, why do I not have all of the monies?!
This needs to be in my closet!

Price: $39.99
This would have been the perfect Katniss-cosplay jacket...
Why don't I own it? SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE.
Please excuse me while I go cry...

So this post has a little bit of everything!
What is on your "must have" list?

ps.. Read past M.H.M. posts here! 

07 March 2012

American Idiot THE MUSICAL!

March 6th Last Night was the opening of AMERICAN IDIOT the MUSICAL at the Denver Center
  && I got to attend with a few of my fellow musical theatre addicted friends!
[FRIENDS! Sarah {who is totally a better writer haha}, Chris & Kalen]

Van Hughes* as Johnny 
Joshua Kobak* as St. Jimmy
Jake Epstein as Will
Scott J. Campbell as Tunny
Leslie McDonel* as Heather
Gabrielle McClinton as Whatsername
Nicci Claspell as The Extraordinary Girl.

Talia Aaron, Krystina Alabado, Gabriel Antonacci, 
Larkin Bogan, Jennifer Bowles, Matt DeAngelis, 
Dan Gleason, Kelvin Moon Loh, Tommy McDowell, 
Jillian Mueller, Jarran Muse, Vince Oddo, 
and Okieriete Onaodowan!

Oh, you want to see IDIOT’s attractive young cast you say?
Well I am going to start with Jake Epstein because I met him that one time...
Jake Epstein (Will) in AMERICAN IDIOT
Gabrielle McClinton (Whatserame) and Van Hughes (Johnny)
Van Hughes (Johnny), Joshua Kobak (St. Jimmy) and the company
Front from left, Leslie McDonel, Gabrielle McClinton (Whatsername) and Krystina Alabado*.
Back from left, Talia Aaron, Nicci Claspell and Jillian Mueller

*yep! Met her too!
As you can probably tell it is a visually STUNNING show!
Scott J. Campbell (Tunny) and Nicci Claspell (The Extraordinary Girl)

I was a big Green Day fan back in high school
but I must say that adding a company of voices
and the other stage-musical arrangements are just
 mind blowing!

I dare you to listen to 21 Guns without getting goose bumps!

&& while I love this OBC recording, hearing the touring cast live is just---
there really are no words! And so many of the songs are like this!

I guess you'll just have to see it for yourself!
A direct link for tickets--in case you live in or near Denver, CO!


Denver Center Attractions has day-of-performance lottery for AMERICAN IDIOT.
  • 2½ hours prior to each performance, patrons at The Buell Theatre box office canenter their names into a lottery drum. 
  • Thirty minutes later, names will be drawn for 22 seats located in the first two rows of the orchestra pit at $25 each. 
  • This lottery is available only in-person at the box office, with a limit of two tickets per person. 
AMERICAN IDIOT plays the Buell Theatre March 6 – March 11, 2012.
Additional tickets are now on sale at www.denvercenter.org or by calling 303.893.4100.

[stage photos via DCPA]

Okay! HOW could I forget to mention the choreography?
The choreo with the music was just outstanding.
Well I am a sucker for a rocker stance on stage--see my obsession with Spring Awakening!
And there was one choreograph-theme that gave me "Touch Me" flashbacks
But there is this one scene that BLEW ME AWAY!
{In the words of River Song: SPOILERS!}
When Johnny and Whatsername were in the depths of their drug addiction
and they are wrapping and re-wrapping the tourniquet tubing around each other.
THAT ALONE was enough to make me STOKED to be 'closing' the show on Sunday!

04 March 2012

Jake Epstein returns to Denver with American Idiot!

Blogs are for bragging right?
I mean really.

Maybe you are now second hand embarrassed for me
or wishing you were there to be second hand embarrassed with me!

Well here is your chance!
Jake Epstein returns to Denver with American Idiot!
...okay, you knew that from my title.

BUT! What you didn't know is I am going to open & close this show!
I am super excited! I have tickets for Tuesday and Sunday!

Review on the blog Wednesday!!!

01 March 2012

Book Recap: February 2012

Here is a recap of all the books I read this month!

Click the covers to open their Goodreads page.

2 Feb 6 Feb 8 Feb 16  Feb
Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy, #1)
Cool, Calm & Contentious
Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1)   Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)  
20 Feb 27 Feb 28 Feb #currentlyreading
The Other Countess (The Lacey Chronicles #1)

Touch of Power (Healer, #1)

Inside Out (Insider, #1) Harry Potter
Dates listed are dates finished.

  • Angel Burn :: L.A. Weatherly
    • I finished it in under 24hrs. I loved it. The twist on angels was really cool, the story is told in multiple POVs and I liked the characters. I have the next book checked out from the library already.
    •  Cool, Calm & Contentious :: Merril Markoe
      • I usually sway to the polarizing sides (1 OR 5 never 3) when it comes to biographical essays. This one was a 3.
        She is a comedy/writer person and does it well. I enjoyed the humor and running commentary. I liked it. It was good. && then I sent it back to the library to hang with the other books.
    • Some Girls Bite :: Chloe Neill
      • 4.5 FO SHO. I liked the world that Neill has created for her "Chicagoland vampires." I liked Merit as a lead character as well as the others around her. I look forward to the next book. =)
        • Also I want to go visit Chicago even more now! ;)
    • Shatter Me :: Tahereh Mafi
      • In the running for the best book of the month. Seriously. I have recommended this book up and down since reading it. LOVED. SO FREAKING GOOD!!! I WANT ANOTHER!!! && it is the kind of book I am going to recommend but tell you nothing about! Heh.
        • Just go read it.
    • The Other Countess :: Eve Edwards
      • I don't read historical fiction often but I am glad I read this one!
        Ellie is likeable and even though the teaser on the jacket suggests a forbidden love story the book isn't just about her. I really enjoyed stepping into this window of time and look forward to reading the next one!
    • Touch of Power :: Maria V. Snyder
      • I love Snyder's magical series. I was so excited to see that she was going to start a new one with Touch of Power. This book takes place in a new magical realm with new rules but I adored it all the same!
    • Inside Out :: Maria V. Snyder
      • This book was much harder to get into than her others and by much I mean about 60pgs (vs 5-10pgs of Study, Glass & Touch). But I am glad I gave it the 100pg try!I love that Trella is another strong female from Snyder's mind and while I did guess the major mystery, I was still surprised and engrossed in the plot points and characters.
      && Harry Potter
      Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
       by J.K. Rowling
    • I started Chamber of Secrets yesterday (leap day) so I haven't finished it yet but I do find myself loving Dobby this time around... #tears

    What books have you read this month?
    Please feel free to leave recs in the comments!

    Bonus Find!