15 September 2009

"My own life meant little to me today."

heya readers!
welcome to my first [real] post.

if you live anywhere other than under a rock you know
that summit released a new new moon trailer this weekend,

i read a LOT of blogs and love to stalk it up on twitter,
so i know that some have blogged about this already.
[BusyBeeLauren / MTV / LTT]
-but alas-
i have kept myself away from them until
i could suck it up and take the time out to write my own...

and here it is in case you need to see it again.

[i'll pause while you put your heart back into your chest]

:le sigh:
-my favorites are up first-

welcome back alice!
some friends people have already started bitching about her acting,
but i love her... plz be my bfff ashley?

can i say favorite still yet?! *dies a little*
i love the special effects crew for this shot!
and then what it looks like as Bella gets pulled away by Jacob!
the special-features-disc-lover in me can die happy if this bit is on the DVD!

...oh hey volterra...

dear dakota, i approve!
good news! dakota totally pulls off jane.
just like rob, many were not behind her...
but i think after this trailer, twilighters will breathe a little easier.

*shudder* might need to take a security blanket with me at midnight...
i have faith in the acting abilities of michael sheen.
he's got aro, hands down.
[what about the actors who play the other two?]

who is the mystery man?
could this be the flashback of when carlisle is with the volturi?
what do you think?

...the bits that give me grrface...

because stupid shiny black volvo owner doesn't have the same ring to it
edward doesn't need your help in the creeper department summit!
he stalked bella just fine in a silver volvo!
why you gotta be that way?!

*face palm*
i punched a werewolf in the face." ~bella swan, eclipse, chapter 15, page 342
really, melissa rosenberg

...much improved...

because green is the new white...
...so maybe by eclipse the time comes around they will be yellow...

...made to bring giggles...

...the movie fangirls really want to see...

from the man who brought you the girls gone wild franchise

-and if you order now-Order now! 1.800.plz.bite

:reader poll:
-which team do you tweet-
sorry taylortot... i'm saving the date for rob


  1. Yay blogging!!! Very nice, love it! I'm so excited for New Moon!

  2. Hi. 1-800-plz-bite, i'll take two copies of Rob Gone Wild & Legal in Georgia. kthanksbye


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