24 September 2011

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Person in the World

After I left the following comment on BBL's blog,
I knew I had to save it for another time to post on my own...

I am really happy that I did.

Lauren asked who our favorite person was as a giveaway entry question.

This was my response:

"My favorite person in the world isn't my cat as many would think.
Nor is it a hottie actor or my BFFs.

She is my grandma. 
The woman is kind, brilliant and inspiring if I only could use three words.

I like to think of her as my twin soul.
If I can grow up to be even half as awesome as her, I shall be very proud!"

Dear future husband,
prepare to come second to this woman.
love, a loving but insane future wife.

HAPPY (eightyfreakinthird) BIRTHDAY, 

*side note*
photos are from a family holiday to Maui.

*second side note*
my parents are flying to Italy right now.
sending them safe travel wishes & prayers.
it is their holiday celebrating 30 years of marriage.
so beautiful and so awesome.
dear future hubs,
good luck.

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  1. I so get the Grandma thing! My Nanna is the only grandparent I have and have ever known. She is so wonderful and strong - she raised 3 young kids on her own. We have the same birthday, which I love. She is just everything to me, I love her to bits. And WOW, your Grandma is 83?! She does NOT look it! Happy Birthday to her! And Happy Anniversary to your parents! I'm not even close to being married and I'm already scared of getting divorced. To MY future husband: good luck also. Maybe you and Kat's future husband can be friends and help each other through our craziness ;)



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