13 May 2012

For when I am a Book Blogger: Shelfability

Recently I have signed up on NetGalley.com.
If you don't know about NetGalley is then, read this.

I will still be reviewing all the books I read in my monthly recaps,
but now I will also be highlighting individual books on YouTube.

I am a vlogger first so I will be reviewing these books on my channel
but all of my review will also be posted here on the blog too.

Before I start I have begun to think about how I will format these reviews
and something I am a fan of is rating books with their shelfability.

a book blogging term coined by TheStorySiren
I love her. Such an inspiration. ^.^

My "Shelfability" Rankings:

Brag . Buy . Borrow . Burn

  • Brag

This is the kind of book that you have decided that the author must walk on water and you will brag on tumblr, twitter, etc that you are a fan.This is the book that you have bought a copy to read AND a copy to keep pristince but you will also buy a copy to shove at your friends to make them read it. 
  • Buy

This is a book you should buy. This book deserves a place on your shelf so it can live happily with your other books. This book is worth the hardcover/1st edition/special edition price.
  • Borrow

This is a book that was liked. This is a book that is worth reading. It was good but you are better off borrowing from the library. (Although my library's hold shelf and I are basically BFFs.)
  • Burn
This this the book where you don't. Just don't. If you have bought this book, then you can turn it into a paper craft or take it camping with you to help as a fire starter--mmm s'mores. (Not many books fall into this category with me but when they do I get really sad.)

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