02 January 2011

2011 Boyfriend Application

I have been having probably the worst 3 consecutive days of my life.
And after waking up on January 1st filled with positive engery...
the first Facebook text I read was about this:

Chris, my last boyfriend proposed to his girlfriend of 3ish years
on New Years Eve
in France.
Um, wtfrak?

 I might be a b*tch sometimes,
but I am positive my karma isn't this bad.

So I quickly decided something I needed to put out to the universe
and thus posted it to tumblr/twitter, as they are the universe now.

After thinking about this more at work last night,
I am starting a Boyfriend Application.

Someone in the 6-degrees-of-separation of bloggy world,
has to know my future boyfriend, right?

And while the funny results of Google are a good start...
this is my future boyfriend we're talkin' about!
I am not looking for just anyone.
I mean I have been single for over 3yrs.

  • Shows off silly faces and lots and lots of smiles from a quality mouth.
  • Rolls down hills at the park with me, allergies and all.
  • Can teach me new things.
  • Not only accepts that I am a nerd, but loves me for it.
  • Supplies adventures!
  • Enough muscle to punch someone for me but not so much that it's gross.
  • Can plan a BOMB.com date but also enjoys a night in on the couch with Chipotle and a movie marathon.
  • Gives great hug.
  • Loves me through my silly addictions.
  • Dances for fun, not to look cool and get gals.
  • Loves conversations with Smartypants Kat and Daft Blonde Kat.
  • Provides opportunities and takes them on as well.
  • Spins me about on the dance floor and in my head.
  • Has "I've been too busy providing for you to shave" scruff sometimes.
  • Sings karaoke with no shame (bonus: no broken eardrums either!)
  • Understands Robin Williams advice from "Good Will Hunting" and make me feel the 'home' that Zach Braff speaks of in "Garden State"

Bonus (&or Exceptions):
You are Måns Zelmerlöw.
You are Garrett Hedlund.
You are Rob Pattinson.

 So those are the 'Stage 1' requirements...
Sounds pretty reasonable to me!
Anybody know my future boyfriend yet?

Chipotle burritos this year: Ø
Boba smoothies this year: Ø


  1. "Enough muscle to punch someone for me but not so much that it's gross." I seriously gut-laughed. That sucks about your ex. He didn't deserve you - and you most definitely deserve a boyfriend.

    And huzzah huzzah...that picture of Rob!! If he becomes your boyfriend I swear I'll be happy for you. I just want him to introduce me to Taylor Lautner. Deal?

  2. No, but I'm pretty sure that if you and Mans are dating I'm hanging out with you cause he has to lead me to Ola right?!?! Sorry to hear about your ex. Like Aubrey said he didn't deserve you and you will find the right person at the right time. Love you!

  3. Dearest Kat. That sucks! For reals. (((hugs)))
    As for your BF requirements list, it pretty much matches mine. I have been single my whole life. That NEEDS to change this year. I just want someone to love me for me and to cuddle with and to tell anything to. Le sigh.

    <3 you!

    Jayde xo

  4. I love you too much...this post is pure win and I am book marking it because I love it THAT much! May 2011 be the year of the Boyfriend (for you...cause I'm married and the year of the baby (for me cause...you need a bf first and well...you get it)!


Dude, I totally love you back!