30 August 2010

Fill In The Blank Monday? [tv edition]

It's been quite a while since I've participated in Fill in the Blank Friday with Lauren,
but I saw a past weeks blanks & I could NOT resist! :)

1.  My favorite current TV show is       True Blood! 

2.  The TV character I can relate to most is      at the moment, Season 4 Xander-- 
because all his friends are attending uni and he has no idea what he's gonna do with his life. Granted, I am close to finishing my degree but it isn't what is going to get me to my goals and right now I am not sure how I am going to get to my goals...

3.  My life is like (fill in with TV show and why)....       Glee.
Actually no, but it should be because I often find songs are a great way to express one's emotions. Also, I have always enjoyed TV that had a musical episode and wanted that to be my life.
[Except if it was like 'Once More, With Feeling']

4.  My all time favorite TV show is     Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
It got me through high school and then some.
I only picked this cast pic because it has The Creator in it =D

5.  A TV show that is ridiculously stupid, but I continue to watch is        Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

6.  My favorite TV couple is       Alyson & Alexis Denisof.
[aka Alyson Hannigan]
They met working on Buffy/Angel and have been together building a NORMAL Hollywood family ever since.
Plus Alyson tweets the cutest things about her husband sometimes =D
And HOW could you not love that!?

7.  One TV episode I could watch over and over again is       the season finale of Glee. There were a lot of great musical numbers. 

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  1. sweet lord i love buffy the vampire slayer so much it creates problems when it comes to real life! eak!

  2. @Bee Sarah Lee Bailey same here! (along with the rest of the Whedonverse!)

  3. The Rolling Stones cover makes my heart stop. Mmm Eric.

    & Glee is always a win. Always.


Dude, I totally love you back!