08 September 2010

I Know You Miss Me But...

::Dear Kat,
Your last blog was on 30 August 2010.
Where have you been?::

Dear Bloggy World.

I am sorry I have been MIA.
I love blogging... But I have been vlogging longer.
And right now is Sixty Second September
[The short explanation is 1 60sec video everyday of September.]

So everyday, I have been updating over on my YouTube channel.
Also I really love my videos. Usually.

I sometimes wonder why there seems to be a "war of the worlds" between bloggers and vloggers.

In the interest of saving the world,
I want to share my first week of SSS with my bloggy friends.

Day 1 ~ Intro!

Day 2 ~ Theme Thursday

Day 3 ~ Friendly Friday

Day 4 ~ Shout-out Saturday

Day 5 ~ Story-time Sunday

Day 6 ~ Movie Review Monday

Day 7 ~ Turn-up-the-Tunes Tuesday

So, do you hate me...?
Am I a traitor?
If not, feel free to subscribe to my video world too!
I'd love to bring the two worlds together...
Even if only to feed my narcissism.

Comment Question:
What other hobbies do you commit your time to?

*Chipotle Counter [37]*


  1. Seriously. I love this. I love your face. I also am coveting your rack...sorry if that is inappropriate.

    Your Gma is the cutest!

  2. "First collection up...my rubber ducks."
    lol! totally replayed that like 7 times. i love you these are amazing and soooo funny!! you'll have to post them here more often. mwah mwah!!

  3. LOL! You're so great. (: Um... I spend way too much time doing homework. Oh you said hobbies well...


Dude, I totally love you back!