22 November 2010

Frugal Gal Knitting Tip: Circular Stitch Marker

I love to knit.
Ages ago my grandma taught me how.
I got addicted and she gave me a lot of supplies to help said addition.
Between living with her now and that Ravelry site and that blogger friend...
I have become re-addicted
And better than ever!

This means more challenging patterns and plans.
When you combine this addiction to that of my Harry Potter addiction...
You get me trying knitting on a smaller set of circular needles
and knitting in the round for the first time.

Why all this hulla-buh-loo?
So that I can make a Ravenclaw scarf like this.
(Or this one on Ravelry)

But I do not have a circular stitch marker.
Basically a little piece of plastic that marks the beginning of a row.

The thing is these come in a multi-sized plastic set, around $5-10...

Or pretty dangle-y ones at a pretty price,say $15-25!

Well at this post-Uni-moment in time,
I don't have the ca$h to buy it.

So I just looked around the house
and found....
a safety pin!

Doesn't everyone have about a thousand hanging around the house?
I like the sound that "free" makes!

Feel free to leave other 'frugal gal' tips in my comments!

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  1. I pretty much am just jealous of your mad knitting skills. I wish I had someone to teach me!!!

  2. Hehe, I got some clip stitch markers a while back but I don't really use them while knitting anymore. I just go by the tail yarn to figure out when I'm back to the beginning. A safety pin works as good as anything! That scarf is looking lovely :D

    I'm sitting here knitting a wine bottle scarf and listening to a Harry Potter audio book (it really helps me concentrate!) and thinking of you!

  3. I used twist-ties. #ghettolikethat Lol.


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