03 November 2010

I am a Colorado Voter!

To me, it is super important.

Since I moved back to my hometown this year,
I re-registerd with the the mail-in option.

I did this to make a fashion statement
I did this so that I could really take my time.

As you can see in my picture adventure above,
I got to take my ballot in and get my sticker.
And then yes, I did make a fashion statement!

I also got interviewed about my submission to CNN iReport!
That was pretty cool.

Here in Colorado, to me,
the biggest issue on this midterm ballot was
Amendment 62: Definition of a Person.

I am Pro-Choice personally,

What I really feared was what this amendment
would do for birth control options.
Or turn it into a lack of.

Taking away abortion would be one thing.
Altering rights to birth control is crazy!

I am just proud my state knocked it down again.
This time it was beat with 70% No.

Other Happy Results:

Colorado Senate-
Bennett leading with 47.7%
(with 97% reporting)
 Colorado Governer-
Hickenlooper the clear winner 50.7% 
(with 97% reporting)

Other Sad Results:

Colorado Springs voted to put a cap on funding for parks & open spaces.
It makes me pissedspice.

Colorado Midterm Results: [Source, Source]

America- Did you vote yesterday?
If not, why?
Other country- Do you think voting is important?

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  1. I voted! The biggest one for us was Prop 19..about marijuana.
    I made a fashion statement with my sticker, too.. it's the cool thing to do ;) and you're right. Voting is SUPER important! I hate it when people say they're not voting because their voice doesn't count anyway.. hello.. if everyone actually voted, your voice WOULD count!


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