19 March 2012

the return of must have monday!

I am mildly addicted to online shopping. 

I love surfing all over the internet for cute clothes an nerdy things! 
Must. Have. Monday. is a blog idea stolen from Alex that allows me to swoon
 and share some of the fun stuff I have been stalking lately!

Price: $41.00
This dress is from Very.com, which I discovered from ANTM. #noshame
I. Love. The. Print! && I love the lines and cut of this dress!
Plus that is a damn good price!

Price: $27.99 on sale!
This is such a fun necklace! I mean Rainbow Colored Pencils!!!
How up my alley could you get? However the price isn't my favorite ;)

Price: $18.00
 DUDE. I want. 
I just want so much!! So much want!!
It is just so cute and so perfect and so me!

Price: $62.00
This skirt was in this haul video and I died.
Why, oh, why do I not have all of the monies?!
This needs to be in my closet!

Price: $39.99
This would have been the perfect Katniss-cosplay jacket...
Why don't I own it? SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE.
Please excuse me while I go cry...

So this post has a little bit of everything!
What is on your "must have" list?

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Dude, I totally love you back!