01 March 2012

Book Recap: February 2012

Here is a recap of all the books I read this month!

Click the covers to open their Goodreads page.

2 Feb 6 Feb 8 Feb 16  Feb
Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy, #1)
Cool, Calm & Contentious
Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1)   Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)  
20 Feb 27 Feb 28 Feb #currentlyreading
The Other Countess (The Lacey Chronicles #1)

Touch of Power (Healer, #1)

Inside Out (Insider, #1) Harry Potter
Dates listed are dates finished.

  • Angel Burn :: L.A. Weatherly
    • I finished it in under 24hrs. I loved it. The twist on angels was really cool, the story is told in multiple POVs and I liked the characters. I have the next book checked out from the library already.
    •  Cool, Calm & Contentious :: Merril Markoe
      • I usually sway to the polarizing sides (1 OR 5 never 3) when it comes to biographical essays. This one was a 3.
        She is a comedy/writer person and does it well. I enjoyed the humor and running commentary. I liked it. It was good. && then I sent it back to the library to hang with the other books.
    • Some Girls Bite :: Chloe Neill
      • 4.5 FO SHO. I liked the world that Neill has created for her "Chicagoland vampires." I liked Merit as a lead character as well as the others around her. I look forward to the next book. =)
        • Also I want to go visit Chicago even more now! ;)
    • Shatter Me :: Tahereh Mafi
      • In the running for the best book of the month. Seriously. I have recommended this book up and down since reading it. LOVED. SO FREAKING GOOD!!! I WANT ANOTHER!!! && it is the kind of book I am going to recommend but tell you nothing about! Heh.
        • Just go read it.
    • The Other Countess :: Eve Edwards
      • I don't read historical fiction often but I am glad I read this one!
        Ellie is likeable and even though the teaser on the jacket suggests a forbidden love story the book isn't just about her. I really enjoyed stepping into this window of time and look forward to reading the next one!
    • Touch of Power :: Maria V. Snyder
      • I love Snyder's magical series. I was so excited to see that she was going to start a new one with Touch of Power. This book takes place in a new magical realm with new rules but I adored it all the same!
    • Inside Out :: Maria V. Snyder
      • This book was much harder to get into than her others and by much I mean about 60pgs (vs 5-10pgs of Study, Glass & Touch). But I am glad I gave it the 100pg try!I love that Trella is another strong female from Snyder's mind and while I did guess the major mystery, I was still surprised and engrossed in the plot points and characters.
      && Harry Potter
      Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
       by J.K. Rowling
    • I started Chamber of Secrets yesterday (leap day) so I haven't finished it yet but I do find myself loving Dobby this time around... #tears

    What books have you read this month?
    Please feel free to leave recs in the comments!

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