22 July 2010

A 'Wonderful' Night at South Pacific

Remember how I volunteer my booty off for the Denver Center, then go see a show on it's opening night...
This is one of those blogs.. =]

Tuesday night at 8pm South Pacific opened at the Denver Center.
I went.

Now blogger friends, when you think South Pacific, you may think
<- back-in-the-day style...
...or Mr. Shue *cough* Broadway revival with Matt Morrison style:
..which is the style that you should be thinking of.

First, I must share my proof.
Naughty proof at that...
..seeing as one isn't supposed to have their camera phone out...
But alas, it is a tradition.. in this case a blurry one!

And before I go any further...
I feel I must clarify that Mr. Shue is not in the touring cast.
But don't pout. Trust.
Because Anderson Davis IS.
! Swoon-worthy, eh? !

Ok, I'm going to move past the swoon and get professional.
[Ha! That sounds funny even from me!]

Cusack's voice is Stunning!
[yeah bold AND italic emphasis]
Her voice fits the style and music of the era so well.
If you have ever seen any Rogers & Hammerstein, you know what I mean.
As the character she is as funny as she is smart!
Plus the clothes she get's to wear!

I. Love. The. Swimsuits.
[40s orange and red one pieces are love]

...okay then there was the male lead:
holycraponacorndog!! The man can sing!
Apparently he is a operatic bass-baritone...
And shit son! One can tell!
I am not even the biggest opera fan,
 but I'd go to be floored by his voice again!

The next part of my review is something I couldn't legally supply a picture of...
The Set.
at times.... It. Was. Breathtaking. 
 My favorites would have to be the Bali Ha'i backdrop and Emile's terrace/home.

Another thing that is hard to capture in picture format?
The live orchestra sound. 
There is just something about having a full pit that changes the feel of a room.

Over all, the show was a 'wonderful' classic!

After the show Chris, Nathan, Cathie and I all went to the stage door, just in case.
You see, there was an opening night gala and I wasn't sure if we were invited...

But we did get our programs signed by Peter Rini...
..who I must say, in person, does qualify for some Silver Foxy swoon! ;)

After gazing out over the gala from the car park,
Nathan and I headed North toward home..
..though we did stop for an infamous cinna-roll...

If you are in the Denver, Colorado area
[or a 3hr drive span of it]

for more info about
South Pacific's run at the DCPA
(July 20th - Aug 1st, 2010)

And for reading this whole thing...
here is your bonus swoon!
[com'on! this is my blog!? what did you expect!?]


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