19 July 2010

The Late Nite Zac Efron Scavenger Hunt

So Kacey and I have really epic Sunday nights.

It usually consists of me going to her place after work for True Blood (maybe some Sonny With a Chance) and a whole bunch of Twitter and Facebook stalking.

Tonight was even more epic with the True Blood promo teaser from last week, the second episode of The Glades and the return of SWAC in the from of a 1 hour special!

Not only were all three eps AMAZING
AND Twitter was all aBuzz and fun...

But Facebook stalking led us to:
"Zac Efron with be doing a 7am radio interview in Denver!"

Well at first Kacey and I took to Google with "Zac Efron Radio Promotion Denver" type Google searchs and NOTHING!

But then we Kacey went in for "Charlie St Cloud Promotions"
[How the HECK did she out Google me!?! #FAIL]

*stand by for Google distraction*

And we discovered he has a signing at the Mall of America tomorrow.

W. T. F. ?!?!

Well we
did the info off a boy's Facebook status.
(aka. shouldaknowbetter)

So we figure that it is a RADIO interview and well like Skype and interwebs...
well you don't have to be IRL much anymore.

We figure he will be calling in.

After extensive Googling...
We've got it narrowed down to 2 possible stations.

[Disney. Duh. "Built in Promo platform"]


[Because the MI-MoA radio station is owned by the same company]

That was my emergency post.


Which one do you think he will be calling at 7am-ish tomorrow morning?!

Any other professional Google-ers up for the challenge of finding better info?!

 are we just waiting for it to show up in our Twitter feeds?...

*Chipotle Counter [33]*


  1. & obvi I mean, today since this posted after midnite...

  2. Ha! I would have absolutely no idea. I'm a terrible googler.. that's so not a word, but you know what I mean!

  3. Turns out he was on the John and Jay show or something...


Dude, I totally love you back!