22 September 2010

The 100th Post Story-Contest-Giveaway [CLOSED]

 ...because I won Christina's giveaway!!!
&& this is my 100th post!
[which only took me over a year of writing this blog...] 

You know Christina...
@cdugan88 on Twitter?

She gave me the choice of anything in her shoppe as my prize!!!
&& I chose this guy!

Today he arrived!!!
[And I went to get him out of the complex "specialty mail" box during a commercial break of Criminal Minds -- little did they know how special the mail was!]

But there are more important things afoot!
Meet Henri.

Henri has been very excited for my package to arrive!

He waited as I opened my arrival!

But got a little impatient as I stopped to adore Christina's awesome business card...

But soon they would meet
face to face!

Don't worry!
They became fast friends!

Also the little guy wanted to show off where he had traveled from...

 ...which peeked Kona's interest...

& they had to meet as well!

There is a problem!!!
My lil dragon has no name!

Name my dragon!

But seriously!
He needs a name!

You have until Wednesday, 29 Sept 2010 9pm MST...
to submit a name for my new dragon in my comments.
[Basically until I finish watching Criminal Minds in Colorado.]

The person who's name I choose will receive $5 off anything in the

...for those of you who submit a name...

Some of you remember I made a cuff to wear to the Eclipse movie premiere...
I will be giving away a handmade bracelet made by me inspired by
The Twilight Saga
The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Winner's Choice!

*how to win*

Mandatory Entry:
-Submit a name for my dragon on this post.
Extra Entries:
-Tell me who your favorite character on Criminal Minds is/was & why...
1 entry

-Tell me you follow my blog or become a follower for the next week...
1 entry
-Once a day, tweet about this giveaway and leave the status link in my comments.
{or just remember to use my Twitter handle so I see it @KatOfDiamonds}
1 entry per Tweet

-Blog about this giveaway & contests and leave the link in my comments.
1 entry

-Buy something from Christina's Shoppe and have Christina email me to confirm.
10 entries per purchase

-Leave a comment on any other blog I post between now and Wednesday the 29th.
[edit] October 6th!
1 entry

So there are a LOT of ways to win the giveaway...
BUT only one will name my dragon!!!

Remember the contest ends after I finish watching Criminal Minds next week 
on October 6th!

Good luck!

*Chipotle Counter [38]*


  1. I love this so much!! I am so glad you like him and that he has a wonderful new family! I can tell Henri and him are going to be homies for life.

    I am going to go with Rupert for his name.

  2. Hmmm his name? I think Neville would be a good one!

  3. Norbert. Like.. from Harry Potter. Hagrid's dragon!

  4. Christina's tweet

  5. I am SO #FriendFail. I blame uni.
    As for his name? I'm gonna say... George.


  6. Aaaaand my RT for the contest: http://twitter.com/KatOfDiamonds/status/26603990477



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