14 September 2010

leNerdy McHotHot: A Co-Ed List

I am way overdue on a McHotHot list!
& since 'hot nerd' is on my []checklist for the future hubby... 

leNerdy McHotHot List


My levels of swoon:
The "In Character" Swoon
when they are attractively someone else

The Photoshoot Swoon
when they are professionally attractive
The Just Plain HOT Swoon
when they are out&about/red carpet attractive


[1] Fran Kranz
If you needed one single reason to watch Dollhouse...
Fran Kranz would be that single reason!
Nerd Power: 
His Tweets +3
He's my Facebook friend! heh +5
Role of Topher in Dollhouse +10 in my heart!

*1up bonus: Recently on Off Broadway in NYC

[2] Natalie Portman
i am possibly one of Natalie Portman's biggest fans
She is simply brilliant!
Nerd Power: 
Totally Hot Jew ;o) +2
Harvard Grad +6
Role of Sam in Garden State +10!
 *1up bonus: She is in my "celebrity family" as my big sis

[3] Adam Brody
Who didn't swoon over Seth Cohen!?
I am pretty sure he enjoys being type-cast... We are both okay with it!
Nerd Power: 
Yet Another Hot Jew +2
Writes screenplays, songs and comic books +6
Role of Dave Rygalski in old school "Gilmore Girls" +10!
 *1up bonus: he gave us Seth Cohen, need I say more?
ps. I am way excited for The Romantics!

[4] Kevin McHale
Artie. End of story.
 If you don't love him as Artie...
you deserve to only see the FAILwhale on Twitter for the rest of  forever.
Nerd Power: 
Avid Tweet-head +3
Rocks some awesome nerd frames! +5
Role of Artie in Glee [duh] +10!
 *1up bonus: he was on True Blood before everyone and their mother (literally, my mum DVRs that shiz for herself and me) got hooked on Eric the show!

[5] Felicia Day
She is the Empress of the Interwebs!
She is the prime example of how awesome the internet can be!
As well as Girl Geek power!
Nerd Power: 
Total Twitter Fiend +3
Is one of "Joss's" girls [Buffy, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse] +5
Role of Vi (where I first saw her) in "Buffy" +10!
 *1up bonus: she introduced gaming (via The Guild) to a non-gamer like me!

[6] Matthew Gray Gubler
He is the example of 'attractively awkward nerd'
Seriously. I swoon.

Nerd Power: 
Has branded his fan base online with @GUBLERNATION  +3
So unique in his creative endeavors +5
Role of Dr. Spencer Reid in "Criminal Minds" +10!
 *1up bonus: he was totally adorkable in (500) Days of Summer
& is the voice of Simon (as in the chipmunk!)

[7] Rob Pattinson
if you are any sort of LTR girl you know...
that through his hottness...
 He is still a big fat nerd!
Nerd Power: 
Only GQs up when he has a stylist +1
Role of Daniel Gale. Period. +17 in my heart!

*Chipotle Counter [38]*


  1. Ohhhhhh, I love me some nerds! haahhaha.
    My favourite (besides Rob and Adam Brody - because let's be honest, they are a given), is Matthew Gray Gubler. I don't even watch Criminal Minds (far too scary for me!) but I have seen him in like, TV mags. He is so emmer effing hawt. Like, whoa. Seriously. So. Friggin'. Cute.

  2. Um.. I LOVE Natalie Portman. Just love her.

  3. Meu favorito é o Matthew Gray Gubler...ele é um nerd legal



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