13 March 2011

Swooning Over Traces

Traces is the most unique show I have seen at the Denver Center.
&& that is saying something because I saw the Blue Man Group there!

My friend Chris called it an 'urban circus'
and while that name is pretty accurate--
it's not nearly encompassing enough!

Words used to describe this show could be
 astonishing | dazzling | spectacular
skillful | gravity-defying | brilliant
dramatic | impossible | outstanding
effortless | emotional | fantastic
&& more but to be honest,
words simply can't encompass this show.

It is performance art and the only way to describe this show is to see it.

Lucky for you, reader, the creators at 7 Fingers
understand the power of the internet and social media.
The audience is allowed to take as much
video and non-flash photography as they want!

Oh-no! I wasn't excited about this revelation at all!

Although the acrobatic stuntsof the show are undeniably

This show will speak to you.
Be it on the whole or even just a moment.

My favorite was one of Valérie's solo acts.
It spoke to the book nerd in me!
Not only is she so spunky and fun to watch
it reminded me of all the times I have gotten lost in a book,
so deep inside an imaginary world, 
I have no idea how my reading position looks to anyone else. 
Though, Valérie looks way more cute and impressive doing it.

Remember how I mentioned VIDEO!?
So if hearing that news didn't make
the vlogger in me squee
I dunno what would!
It did btw!

I ended up taking 40mins of video!
It was very hard not to say, 'wow, Wow, WOW!'
the whole show but I think I managed...
But there is 40mins, so I haven't sifted through all of it.

I did however post 2 really crappy cellphone videos online:
our sneak-peak at warm-ups.
during the show!

....yeah from the really pixelated clips (if you followed the link)
you might be aware of another really good reason to see this show...

 The artists are really attractive.
Not only that but when I met them at the opening night party
they were so nice and humble.

But let's be honest again,
it is not hard to watch them for 90mins.
Not at all.

As you can see,
it is really easy to get excited about this show...
So I will be blogging and posting videos about Traces a lot!

It's showing at the Denver Center (obvi!)
Mar 11, 2011 - May 14, 2011
Tickets start at $10
more info at DenverCenter.org
or TracesUSA.com

Chipotle burritos this year: 8
Boba smoothies this year: 9

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