24 October 2011

A Great Day for the Whedon "Family"

Today the internet kerSPLODED over the announcement of 
Much Ado About Nothing 'the movie based on a play'...

And as a gal of the Whedonverse and a theatre addict,
not to mention Much Ado is my favorite Shakespeare play,
my nerd kerSPLODED along with the rest of the internet!

Seriously, I AM SO EXCITED!

Unfortunately Much Ado will be hitting the festival circut first
and then maybe it will get a limited or indie release.

&& in other 'Whedon film family' news

As of today the Lust for Love kickstarter 
reached it's $70,000 fundraising goal with 17 days still on the ticker!!

What is Lust for Love??
You may recognize Fran Kranz from the cast list of Much Ado!
& YES! I decided to be a backer!

"You Selected Pledge $35 or more

A pre-release Kickstarter supporter edition TWO DISC Lust for Love DVD
signed by the lead cast (includes the movie, director and
cast commentaries, the making of featurette,
cast & crew interviews, the Remains music video,
and Shiv a short film starring Enver Gjokaj*  directed by Anton King).
Also includes the videoblog access, and the website thank you above."

They will start shooting Lust for Love in December
and the expected delivery for my DVD of Epicness is June 2012!

*Not gonna lie, Enver is a huge reason I went $35 instead of $25 ;)

What can I say??
It has been been a shiny day for the Whedonverse!!

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