01 January 2012

Hello 2012!

Hello blog!
Here I am trying to start this year off right, and posting SOMETHING!

Last night I entered 2012 so much better than I did 2011.
At midnight 2011, I was already asleep and PISSED when fireworks woke me up.
My 31Dec2011 - 1Jan2012 went so much better. So much!

After spending most of yesterday out in Black Forrest the country,
without internet and without cell phone service depending on where you stood,
I drove back into the city around 9pm and called Ryan.

Best decision of 2011? Maybe!
By 10pm, I had been home, showered and was headed out the door to Ryan's house!

To quote Ryan:
We "Rang in 2012 the only way I know how, nerdy."

The plan?
Thanks to Steiny and Andrew, 
As you can see, I was prepared!

So after a little pizza & beer and ridiculously nerdy talk...
...shudder with me at this picture, ha!

I, with 3 awesome nerdy boys/friends, rang in 2012 RIGHT,
because over the strike of midnight, I was watching BLINK!

So maybe Ryan is still on the Whovian fence
and enjoyed viewing his Captain America BluRay on his fancy TV after more
(as I had missed watching Captain America in the cinema)...

I am still completely satisfied that I started 2012 the way I did.
To quote Steiny:
"Met and made new friends, the night was awesome.
I'm looking forward to this new year already."

For the first New Year in (sorry) years ages,
I am feeling positive! I am feeling inspired!

But I don't want to get bogged down in resolution goop...
SO this year I am only declaring a few resolutions for 2012!

*The Direct/Book Nerd Resolutions*
Read 101 new (to me) books in 2012.
Re-read Harry Potter. 1 each month, Jan - July.
Post a blog on the last day of every month re-caping the books I read. 

*The Immeasurable Resolutions*
To feel a since of fulfillment as I step into 2013.

Hey 2012...

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