09 December 2009

Back In The Day: A Visit

So my amazing friend {Sarah} tweet/tumblr'd out this article and I had to discuss:

40 Things That Were Popular At The Beginning Of The Decade That Aren’t Popular Anymore

Things From The Beginning Of The Decade That I Miss or Feel Like Talking About

so in the words of Face Punch
"Let's Do This!"

  • 1. Anthrax:
    So what do they mean by "Anthrax" was popular?
    I hope they mean a bad kind of popular.

  • 3. AIM Subprofiles:
    They should amend this article to mean AIM. period.
    I don't think AIM lasted long enough with me to even upgrade to the version that had Subprofiles...

  • 4. Kazaa:
    Ah. I just used Napster. then Limewire.
    then I got smart.

  • 5. Jason Biggs:
    this actually makes me kinda sad.
    he never made a Hottie McHotHot status
    but he's pretty funny.

  • 7. Bandanas:
    Correction: worn for fashion, not workouts and hiking

  • 10. TRL:
    oh sweet Jesus! I loved it back in the day
    (which was a wednesday)
    when they fit in every song at full length
    (or is that just my dreams and untrue?)

  • 13. Hanging A Flag Outside Your House:
    This one makes me sad
    and I am one of the worst American's you'll ever meet.
    Never Forget.

  • 14. Boybands...are hopefully returning:

    or I just find hot Swedish pop stars:

    ps. If you now stalk Måns, remember where you found him!

  • 18. Rubber Bracelets:
    The next boy I date guy I marry
    will still be wearing his Livestrong bracelet
    (and will have argyle in his closet!)

  • 19. Advertising CDs On TV:
    Correction: CDs. period.

  • 20. Volkswagen Beetles:
    umm, i still see these everywhere
    and i still want one

  • 25. Chat Rooms:
    i do like that BlogTV and UStream have chats on the the side
    (Don't know those site? Goggle it for the links =/)

  • 26. The Dell Guy: 
    Tis a bummer what happened to him
    I used to think he was super cute!
    (He would have made my Hottie McHotHot list)

  • 27. Ties:
    in high school i asked my daddy to teach me how to tie a tie
    he never did =(
    (maybe i'll ask him again over Xmas)

  • 29. Being Closeted:
    actually, i don't miss this at all =D

  • 31. Trading Spaces: 
    i can't believe i forgot about this show!

  • 32. The Osbournes:
    LIES! this be false!
    did you see Kelly on DWTS!?
    she was AMAZING!
    the rest of the family they showed looked good too!

  • 36. State Shirts:
    did this guy actually do his homework?
    examples: Snorg & Threadless
    i'd totally take a Texas tee for x-mas!
    (and this and this)
    (and this and this and this and this)

  • 37. Shell Necklaces:
    and hemp are totally still in.
    just ask Kenny Chesney and Jason Mraz!

  • 39. CD Walkmen:
    R.I.P. Walkmen
    your tinier successor has stolen my heart
    *strokes my iPod*

When was Anthrax cool?!?!  SO get nostalgic with me in the comments please!


  1. I have NEVER seen that BSB video! WTF?!?

  2. This was the best ever! I do miss that no one flys their flags anymore. Jack has a fit every patriotic holiday.

    Um hi I really miss boy bands. they were hot!

  3. Haha, what a blast from the past! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and especially for sharing Mans...

  4. for sure let's be friends!

    "both of you put both your guns down!" lol...oh, face punch.

    dude. if anthrax was ever "cool" something is wrong. and i remember thinking AIM was the shiz [it's crap]. i miss the dell guy! i actually quoted him the other day...and i still have my livestrong bracelet!

  5. Kat,
    PLEASE be my bff. You are so amazing (your blog, and the fact that you comment on mine so often). You're THE best.

  6. This is so awesome. But srsly Anthrax? What the eff?


Dude, I totally love you back!