01 December 2009

When Being "Guilty" Pays Off

If you have been following blog/twitter/facebook since this post about Spring Awakening, you'd know that spreading awareness about this show has become as much of my day as breathing, eating and sleeping.

Whether it is checking the @springtour blog, Totally Trucked, for a new entry....

...or checking the SPRING AWAKENING, The Guilty Ones-Denver Facebook Fan Page for updates on the show or new posts by my fellow Guilty Ones.

Through out this adventure I have texted, Tweeted, blogged, sang, danced, talked, vlogged, shouted, pranced, posted, pic'd and posed all in honor of my love for this show...

And you'd also know I don't regret a single minute of it!

I love organizing events and running promotions and over the last 2 years I have discovered that this aspect of my life should be apart of my career aspirations.

But enough boring about the future and growing up...

TONIGHT Spring Awakening opens at the Buell Theatre in Denver!

In 5 days, I will get to see this show I have worked so hard for & for the very first time!

...in the mean time...

Will you take a trip down SA-GO memory lane with me:

On Facebook and Twitter, my profile pic represents!

I've gone to Denver with Sarah for Guilty Ones meetings...

I've had killer phone conversations about Spring Awakening...

I've posted fliers and posters around town...

I've made speeches....

(despite the ick factor)

I've worn my Guilty Ones Tees 2-3 days per week, everywhere...

I've even gone to gay bars to promote SA!


& I have meet amazing people
made amazing friends along the way!

Opening TODAY in Denver
Dec 1-Dec 13, 2009

Buell Theatre
Tickets start at $25
 Tickets: www.denvercenter.org or 303.893.4100


  1. My friend saw it in New York. I do believe she loved it.

  2. Hi Kat! I'm a new follower, and what a first post for me to comment on--I LOVE Spring Awakening. SO much. But like you, I have never seen it, just followed news, watched videos and listened to the music. And now I'm a bit heart-broken to discover it's going to be in DENVER! I'm from Denver but at college in TN and I'll be home on December 13...closing night. Oh cruel fate!

    I hope you have a wonderful time. It sounds like it's been incredibly fun being a part of "The Guilty Ones". :)

  3. @Katie !!! Go closing night @7:00! I'll be there!!!

  4. I saw it in Austin! SO SO SO SO SO GOOD!


Dude, I totally love you back!