14 December 2009

So Thanksgiving was.... last month.

I know!
I know.

I am srsly the slowest blogger of all time!
They are all up in my head and then
TheLazy or TheDistraction
hits and bam nothing.


Who is ready for the official highlights from a
Diamond Family Turkey Day!

and you maybe?!

Last time I was able to go home was the 4th of Sept...
And this is what my home looked like:

Then my dad e-mailed me that they were getting new windows.
But apparently that's not all:

So I showed up for Turkey day...
And almost didn't recognize my own house.

I think our home looks beautiful.

I got to spend some time with my beautiful gma!

Yep. I spent some time with the brother as well.

I love seeing my nephews!
And they always have SUPER cute outfits!

Before dinner the boys met our family dog.
Zach tended
to keep a distance. Logan not so much.

But Zach loves to take pictures. Here are his:

He is able to work my dad's iPhone and his Momma's camera almost completely by himself!
He loved that Daddy's iPhone was touch though.
And he could flip through the pictures by touch.

I LOVE Daddy's cooking.
SRSLY, he is such a good cook.
I'm gonna hafta find a hubby with skillz...
I have been a spoiled lil girl!

Our family is a-growin'! Gotta use 2 tables!

Every 6 years, sometimes more,
my poor brother has to share his birthday with the turkey.

And this year he was a good Man and
let Zach share in some of the birthday sport.

Yay family!

Next up Xmas!

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  1. Your parent's home is so beautiful! I am so glad you had such a happy Thanksgiving!


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