16 February 2010

Just Say No to Kstew... A Rant

Who's there?
-Apparently not me!-
Sometimes I just don't blog.

But since tomorrow is the beginning of LENT
I need to get this blog out there because...
well I guess you'll find out tomorrow....

 As a Twilight fan, I have an addiction to the Twi-blogs out there...
The bloggers at the forefront of this list are the ladies of LTT & LTR.
I started to leave a comment with my opinion,
and it ended up a novel. 
Therefore, I thought I'd share my "novel" here...

As someone who owns In the Land of Woman proudly, worked in a video store for over a year (around the time when Into the Wild came out) and now has been working at a movie theatre for a year and some change I can safely say... I CANNOT STAND KSTEWS ACTING!!! With or without Rob. End.Of.Story.

Rob was on my radar WAY before Twilight. KStew was on my radar starting with *wince* Zathura (since to this day I have never wanted to make my TV commit suicide with Panic Room). I rented (for free when I worked at the video store) Into The Wild and couldn't even finish the DVD... That.Never.Happens.To.Me.

And when even Twilight came out, I didn't have the nonsten passion I have now.

Shortly? after came Adventureland... When Adventureland posters started popping up around work because I get breathy around Ryan Reynolds myself, I was really excited to see it... Let me remind you I work at the movie theatre (I see movies for free)... Ugh. I walked out wanting 2hrs of my life back. I saw it with my favorite lesbian and even SHE said she hardly lusted over Kstew while I lusted over Ryan, and she is into Kstew. Bella, erm, Kstew couldn't act... (to be fair: Rob's Spanish Dalí is very similar to an American Edward.. but Little Ashes was also epically better)

New Moon was a smidgen more tolerable because post-breakup she didn't have to act. She was blah with rare wonderful moments of life and then back to whiney... aka she didn't have to act. =/ And she didn't BRING IT with a heartbreak at the break up scene... The reason I cry everytime is because I have been there and I remember how I felt reading the book. I usually have tears by this scene and don't have to worry about actually looking at her until that wonderful bare chest and beer belly show up...

I love Dakota Fanning. I love what Joan Jett did for females in the music industry... so let me just say THANK ROBWARD that I won't have to spend my own money on it.

Final verdict:
As long as I don't have to spend my own money on it, I will continue to give Kstews MOVIES a chance. And she'll probably let me down until it hits her that she isn't 14 anymore and should probably work at the craft. As far as KSTEW herself: Bloody hell woman take a shower and get off the man I have wet dreams about!

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