17 June 2010

Da News Dump

it has seriously been since the 4th since i last blogged?!
well other than my emopants insomnia one from earlier this week
but neither were full blogs posts!
[although it might be worth a read: short and not-so-sweet]

so i think it is time for a news dump.
LTT/LTR KatOfDiamonds Style

"so, katofdiamonds, what has been going on with you?"
Well in the last 2½ish weeks I...

...got doll'd up and saw sex and the city 2 with some sexy ladies
UpsaleJane's friend, @UpsaleJane, @BittenUsagi, & me

...was lazy and hung out with my best friend's son (& her of  course)
Dante & me

...blogged about australian hotties
with the lovely help of @Jayde17

...got to support my friend kory brunson as he sang at a rapids game
(in box seats, for free!!!)
me at the Colorado Rapids game

...spent more time with a guy i've liked
(far too long without doing anything about it)
and thru him weaseled my way into the Eclipse midnight premiere for free!

...set up a facebook page for my friend's band

...saw prince of persia
and *swooned* over Jake 
those eyes!

...watched the #glee finale
and *swooned* and cried.

...sewed for basically 8hrs straight but made a cute tee
which is now one of my favs!

...dvr'd the  mtv movie awards 
and watched all the awkward.

...got really excited for the world cup
then had to work during the first few games.

...worked 20hrs in 3days
but could have used more hours

...found out that I will be screening eclipse on the 28th
as a part of my volunteer-ship (for free)!

...talked to my mom for 15min without fighting
and updated her on my week

...was told since my dad wants a new iphone for daddy's day
I get my brothers iTouch through the hand-me-down grapevine!

...saw killers
and wanted to hump Ashton Kutcher  the whole time.
(what a waste of a marriage *pout*)

...made white chocolate chip-fudge brownies
from the recipe busybeelauren posted! so goooood.

...saw get him to the greek
were the cameos, union jacks  & 'Jackie Q' were the best parts...
it was meh.

and then most recently
i got inspired to make a drastic change...
I have an appointment tomorrow morning!!

& I watched this mash-up of all the Eclipse teaser clips too many times...


& I feel so blessed that my people are letting me see it TWICE,
for FREE,
once EARLY!

What are some good things happening in your life?

*Chipotle Counter [28]*


  1. I am jealous of your Eclipse VIP status. Also, I had Chipotle today..and I thought of you!

  2. Eclipse early?! I am not jealous at all! (*cough*)
    Glee = LOVE.
    That top is tres adorbs!! I wish I could sew!
    And you mentioned me! Nawwww :)


Dude, I totally love you back!