28 June 2010

Without Rain There Can Be No Rainbows

...which accurately describes the day I am about to have.

If you remember this blog, I found out that I get to screen Eclipse tonight.
(or if you saw this Tweet from yesterday...)

Since I volunteer at the Denver Center, I gots the hook-up!

Basically my "boss" cannot go promote Dracula so she asked me to go in her place!

I'll be giving out 2 pairs of tickets to lucky trivia winners,
My plus 1, Adam, & I get to stay and watch the movie,
and then hand out "Dracula bucks" after its over.

YEP! Eclipse = Rainbows!
heh, like how Edward glitters, and rainbows glitter...
heh heh, see what I did there?
[yea, I'm a loser!]

...but here is my rain...

Today also marks the first day of summer school.

Granted it is the last 2 classes of my college career..
[*fingers crossed*]
but still..
Summer school.
You can't argue that summer school = Rain.

What are some rain & rainbows in your life right now?

*Chipotle Counter [31]*

*also* Did you hear about my eventual giveaway?

1 comment:

  1. Well dearest DEMI,

    Um... Rain= studying for the CPA Exam
    Rainbows= date nights with my besties, passing BEC, umm and not studying for the CPA exam (which encompasses everything fun)

    your Selena!


Dude, I totally love you back!