24 June 2010

Letters to Remember Me: the movie that changed my life

Ok, so I meant to finish and post this yesterday (the 22nd) but I fell asleep at 8:30pm!!! WHAT!?
Knock, knock! Kat, is that you!? -- I know. I know. And now I am finishing and posting after midnight so technically Thursday. Fail.


So Friday, March 12th was a HUGE day for me.
It was the day that MEMOIRS Remember Me was released in the US.
Remember Me opened at #4!
But for me it was bigger than that!

You see last summer Rob was in NY filming Remember Me,an anonymous eBenefactor sent me a script called MEMOIRS...

While Rob was portraying Tyler Hawkins, big brother of Caroline,
I was reading about Tyler Roth, big brother of Caroline...

...I think you might get where I am going with this...

I am SO thankful for being able to read this script ahead of time
because it changed my life.
[more on that later]

I saw it at the cinema twice,
first at midnight with 16 ladies and 1 brave man
[who's identity shall remain anonymous because he'd kill me]
then again with a friend amongst the screaming teens Friday night.
[I also sat in it every break I had at work. No shame.]

I truly don't understand the bad reviews it's gotten.
I think it was well written, well presented and well acted.

I have given you FAIR WARNING that from now on out

Now I am going to borrow the format from one of my fav blogs (LTT/LTR)
& present you with my installment of:
Letters to Remember Me

in alphabetical order (kind of):
Dear Chris,

I really, really liked you as Ally's dad. A lot. You didn't a lot of screen time but every scene you worked, you worked it! Even if I didn't enjoy the emotional path that Sgt. Craig took, your portrayal was excellent... At times I really hated you and then others you were forgiven. You were exactly what the casting director needed!

I loved the first scene between Adult Ally and Sgt. Craig. Seeing the way she is mother/daughter/wife but also seeing the first sign of tenderness still left in Sgt. Craig.


I thought you said you were
going to breathe next time.

Look at me. I am breathing.
Originally when Tyler and the audience discover Sgt. Craig in Tyler's flat, Caroline is with him and Sgt. Craig is sitting at the coffee table with a gun loaded and cocked. I guess I understand why the scene was changed (pacing) but I almost feel the stakes where lowered...

As long as my daughter stays here
this dead bolt stays locked.

Dear Emilie,

Um, you were really freaking good, girl!!! I can see how you blew them away in auditions and they said to themselves, 'We need this girl! Ally can even be a blonde!' Yeah, sure, there were sometimes when your cute lil Auzzie accent would slip [ie. "that"]... But way to out-chemistry KStew (not that it is too hard) but enough to show those Robsten's that in acting you can be in love but not irl! 

I loved your scene with Caroline. end. of. story.


...I'll completely understand if you 

don't want some random girl there.


You're not random... you're Tyler's 

I missed Ally's lil tet-a-tet with Aidan... (yeah, yeah, pacing)

T's at his mom's store helping her 

ng stuff.
He told me to tell you 
to give his hello kiss to me.
Ally smiles, gives him a kiss on the cheek.
I can't believe you fell for that 

I thought you were smarter 
than that.


Are you seriously smoking pot? What 
are you thirteen?
 Why don't you 

grow up and do coke like an adult?
Aidan pauses his game. Turns to her, impressed.
That was actually funny. Like guy 
And you're a girl. A cute 

How does that  happen? 

you born a dude?

Maybe I was...
Ally picks up the joint 
tries to play it cool
and takes a 

She immediately begins a coughing fit.
Aidan laughs.
You're a chick.

Dear Gregory,
Now I know you are "Supporting Character LES" but you did great. What screen time you had, I felt your presence as Caroline's more legit father figure... Sorry there isn't much more I can say but I do look forward to seeing you in other works and thinking "Hey, it's Les!"


I loved the fatherly concern you have for Caroline after the sleepover... It's hard to type out your lines during the multi-conversation scene that follows but I loved the emotions that played so heavily upon your face and voice.

Originally Les had a fatherly scene with Tyler too... Stupid pacing. heh.

You know you can talk to me... 
about stuff.
I don't have to tell y

our mom.

I'm not legally obligated 
to do that.

I checked. 

Tyler considers him. 
Takes a long drag of his cigarette.
You ever tell a lie without lying? 
Like you tell the truth but not the 
whole truth so you're never really 
lying you're just kind of omitting?

I'm married, Tyler...

Dear Kate,

Janine rocked! Your character was a sleeper bad ass. Like apart of the family, without actually being family. Like a caring Aunt. Or something. Anyways, I loved your character from script to screen.


I loved the blurry line between family and father's employee in the coffee shop...


I can't believe you still come all 

the way down here.

Tyler looks up, smirks. Nods to her coffees.


I can't believe you still get his coffee..

Old habits.
You can take the boy out of Brooklyn...
You're not writing a
nything bad about me,
 are you?


Not today.


I gotta run. Early meetings.

Janine turns to go, remembers something, turns back.


I probably won't see you before so...
happy birthday.

Tyler nods, tries to smile. 
Janine glances back as she goes.


I'll be sure to tell your father 

that you said hello.

N/A. All of Janine's scene's are present and almost word-for-word in the movie.

Dear Lena,
Can I just tell you you are freaking beautiful? But with that being said, I wasn't always pleased satisfied with how you played Diane... I know, I know. I am not a director yet. But sometimes I just didn't feel you in the scene. Then again, when you were there, you had my heart there for you.


I like the exchange between you and Ally over dishes!


You are the second member of the family
that I have washed dishes with.
Tyler? Washed dishes?
He must have wanted to impress you!
I miss this exchange between Diane and Ally...
You’re always welcome.
And while 

we’re on the subject,

 thank you.


For what?

Diane looks through the window at 
Tyler laughing, smiling.


I haven’t seen that smile for some 
time now...I was beginning to 
worry I’d never see it again.


I don't how much it has to do with 


Modesty is an excellent quality, 

Don’t lose that.

Dear Pierce,
I love you. You are a bad ass. That's better. Some might not feel that you are an actor of chops, but I do! When it came to playing the greiving father burying himself in his work to avoid his kids was played so "real" and until the 'turnaround' I disliked you as much as Tyler did! Plus it doesn't hurt that irl you are a super swell guy! Like I tweeted, you are what ever the male version of classy is.


I loved the changed relationship after you bailed Tyler out of jail for the second time!

Destruction of private property.
Felony trespassing.
I didn't call you.
I know you didn't.
I have unleashed a raging shit storm
of epic proportions on the board of
trustees of that pissant school that
will not abate until those girls seek
enrollment elsewhere.
I give them a week.
(recovers himself)
I know you think I'm a prick,
but I have my uses.
I this scene happens before Charles shows up for the first time to take Caroline to school. You can see he is trying to change his ways...

If it’s alright with you, I’d like
to take her this weekend.
I’ll leave the final decision to
Caroline, but I’m fine with that.
Les? What about you?
Caught completely off guard...
What about me?
Do you mind if I take Caroline for
the weekend?
You don't need my permission.
I'd like it.

Dear Ruby,
You are WICKED talented girl!!! Rob sang your praises on Facebook and since I watched Season 1 (and now also 2) of Nurse Jackie, I knew the truth he spoke! And for Caroline... no doubt I will weep in grief for her loss for a very long time to come (getting her hair chopped by those little bitches). Girls are bitches. All of 'em. I have daughters and if ANYTHING like that happened to them I would probably react the way Tyler did. 
I love every scene between Caroline and Tyler but if I had to pick a favorite...
Why do you think Dad doesn't wanna
see me anymore?
Dad loves you.
So? You can love someone and not
like spending time with them...
Mom loves Aunt Sara. But at
Christmas, last year, she wouldn't
let Les leave them in a room
together 'cause she said there
would be a "yule tide homicide."
 It shows how much Tyler worries about her and how much Caroline really gets picked on.
...I’m not hungry.
Mom said you didn't eat dinner...
You don’t need food anymore?
I had some Cheetos after school.
Oh? Oh good. You had Cheetos. Here
I am worried you're not getting
enough sustenance or nutrients but,
Cheetos, yeah, they're an excellent
source of... orange dust.
(setting down the plate)
Humor me.
Caroline nibbles a green bean. Tyler notices her pink
knapsack. "FREAK" has been crudely scrawled in white out.
...What’s this?
It's nothing.
I left my bag out d
uring gym.

Did you tell your teacher?
What's she gonna do?
Orange dust 
for prints?

Dear Tate,
You are a pretty BOMB.com actor yourself dude! You had so many fun and adorable scenes with Tyler! I'd want a silly, self-absorbed roommate like you!

I loved the SLUT...

I sold your girlfriend a 
You sold my who? What?
That voluptuous, delightfully
oblivious little blondie you left
in your bed yesterday... I sold
her a toothbrush. Got three bucks.
Are in order, yes. Because that
sale inspired our newest business
venture: "The S.L.U.T."
The 'Single Lady's Universal Tote'

I missed Ally bonding with Aiden & really seeing why Aiden is best friend material... (yeah, yeah, pacing)


Thanks for hanging out with me 

You didn't have to.
Sure I did.
Ally a little hurt by this. Aidan clarifies.
Don't start crying or anything I 
didn't mean it bad.

You're a cool 
girl. If you weren't bangin' my 

best friend I'd definitely take a 
run at you...

Aidan opens another beer.
But even if you were a nightmare... 
if you were a bitch or an idiot or 
a really bitchy idiot... I'd still 
have to entertain you, keep you 
smiling, keep you happy...
And why would you have to do that?
T likes you. He likes you a lot. 
You may not believe this but he 
doesn't usually invite girls to 
live with us for weeks on end...
(simply stated) 
You happy makes T happy...
 T happy 

makes me happy. So...

Dear Tricia,
You have 2 scene, tops. But both are with Rob so you really can't complain... But you 
did do uptight bitch pretty well so congrats?
I loved the blurry line between family and father's employee in the coffee shop...
You know you can't smoke in here.
Tyler looks down at a handmade crystal ash tray 
right in-front of him. It's clearly never been used.
So what's with the ash tray?
It's a bowl. It completes the room.
Tyler takes a long drag, grinds out the ember on the pristine
surface, he smiles, a charming smile at the aggravated woman.
I guess it was just here to tease me.
N/A. All of her scene's are present and almost word-for-word in the movie.

Dear Robert,
How do I write you and not get all girl-y and swoon-y? Ugh, k here it goes..
I have wanted to prove to many naysayers that you are so much more than the TwiSaga AND I have had such a {
obsession? affliction? affinity? passion? love? -pick one} for this script since the moment I read it, so THANK YOU for delivering your best work to date.  I am just so proud of you on all accounts. I mean it seriously helped that Tyler has a personality and a good chunk of the time Edward really doesn't. Allen was correct when he said you were born for this role... You were just so awesome: I loved big brother Tyler, I loved flirty Tyler, I loved cursing Tyler, I loved angsty Tyler, I love smart-ass Tyler, I loved self-conscious Tyler, I loved confidant Tyler, etc. So even if one is able to look past my have remained abstinent for nearly two years but I would drop trow for you any minute raging hormones, you made Tyler into a REAL person by giving him SUCH dimension and convincingly portraying nearly every emotion in the book in a mere 2 hours. Close to my favorite scene is your pouting on your date with Ally and when you find out she LIED about her age
 *puts on best Tyler voice* I'm wounded. Classic. So yeah, and you are really hot.
The Caroline/Tyler relationship was arguabley my favorite in the movie so this scene is just to adorable to not repeat...
I got into that art program 
summer thing at Steinherdt
Yeah, I heard.
It's very prestigious,
due to my artistic greatness.
Mmmm... Don't pretend you're not proud.
You should be.
There's, like, a thing.
A thing?
A show where you show
what you've done and stuff.
Will you come?
Umm.. I'll have to check my book
(shuffles around with his book bag)
What, are, are you insane?
I'm gonna be there the day before.
I'm going to camp out!

I missed Ally teasing Tyler about his EZ Bake Oven... (blah, pacing, blah, blah, blah)


You had an EZ Bake Oven?
I have an EZ Bake Oven... but it's 
not working right now.
Aidan tried 

to cook a Hot Pocket in it.
Ally gives him a look "Why do you have an EZ Bake Oven?"
When I was ten-years-old I liked 
cookies and cake
and wanted to be 

able to eat them whenever I felt 
like it.
What ten-year-old boy 

didn't want that kind of control?
I never knew any ten-year-old boys 
who wanted an EZ Bake Oven.
Did you know any ten-year-old boys 
who liked cookies and cake?
Ally nods.
Then yes. You did.

Dear Will,
You have an amazing talent for story telling... Even though I knew the ending, I was still in tears both times in the movie theater. Heck the 7,657,345,238 all the times I read the illegal legit copy of MEMOIRS, I end up teary-eyed and inspired. I might not be able to write with talent but I can certainly spot it. 
The depth of which Remember Me delves into the human condition is something that many films do not recognize these days. The characters were all endearing, and real and I just don't get whats not to like. 
The story and the reality of the situation is so moving, it should touch us all. I adored what a penetrating look it gave into the life of someone who was lost both literally and figuratively. This is such an amazing film about surviving the unsurvivable, the shock of unthinkable sudden loss and living with the appalling reality that pain doesn't kill you.. A movie like this shows you don't know what tomorrow holds so one should love honestly, completely and without reservation today. And of course the tag line:
Live in the moments
So true...
It's been nearly 
10 years since 9/11... and sometimes people take life and the people in their lives, for granted sometimes. Sometimes they forget that something completely out of know where, completely out of everyone's control - like 9/11, like a train or car wreck - will happen, so you should "Live in the moments" you do have with the people close to you. Not only tell your children that you love them, but prove it. Don't just let love pass you by because of one misunderstanding or fight 
So basically this is one HUGE thank you for writing it!

Dear Allen, (and Nick Osborne - producer)
Okay Al. Is it ok that I call you Al? Your letter is going to be a tad bit different that all the others... Since you are THE DIRECTOR a lot of responsibility and blame rests on your shoulders. So you are getting a ILY LIST and a WTF LIST... 


*WTF? Why does Micheal commit suicide instead of die in the first bombing of the Twin Towers? I really wanna know why this was changed? I know there is still symmetry with Ally on the subway but why change Micheal's death?
*Why does Sgt Craig beat up Tyler instead of the scene where Caroline is in Tyler's room and they hash it out with a gun on the table? Why did that get re-written? Trust. The fighting was hot but I think it would have brought more out in the actors and scene to leave it the why it was...
*What about all the scenes that I mention above (and more)? Not ALL of them could of been cut for pacing, right? This is a character driven film!
*And WHAT. THE. FUCK, ZERO DELETED SCENES ON THE DVD? NOT EVEN A GAG REEL!? Who ARE you?! Do you KNOW who the fans of this movie are!? Only a 'making of' and commentary? Is the Blu Ray better? Am I going to have to buy a Blu Ray player and another copy solely for the purpose better Special Features? Lame.

(but after watching the 'making of' and wiping tears from my eyes)
*First off, 
this movie HAD to be made. Y
ou helped breathe life into this film that is truely important to this day and age. So THANK YOU for making it.

*THANK YOU for the spaghetti scene. So cute. So perfect.

*THANK YOU for the sexy times between Tyler and Ally when they first make love.. The script was not nearly generous enough when describing this scene. Same goes for the steamy, angry wall sex! For being PG-13 it was HOT!
*Reminding the audience what the setting/year we are seeing with American Pie in the movie theatre, clever and hilar. Fact.

*So the final theme seemed to be "moving on and remembering." An optimistic shot of Caroline healing with her Dad at the museum. Mom doing her social work, smiling wistfully at a sweet memory. Aiden with his tattoo getting that degree that he said he wanted. Ally, even dressed differently, cheerful in her little dress, doing what she said she never did, riding the Subway, refusing to be stopped in her tracks any longer.... It was a good montage. Thanks for making me cry every single time I watch the ending. Every time.

Dear Everyone Else who worked on making this movie possible,


Final KatOfDiamonds Rating:

Favorite movie. Yep. I said it!

Next up...

Comment questions...
(If you've made it this far)
Did you see Remember Me?
What did you think?
What is your favorite movie of all time?
Will you be seeing Eclipse?
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