01 June 2010

The Aussie McHotHot List: Actors Edition

This is the Official
Aussie McHotHot List
aka. the "I'd travel Down Under for you!" list
aka. the 'Kat might want an Aus Hubs instead of a Brit!' list

or aka. the 'reasons to travel to Oz other than for Jayde' list

& of course I could NOT think to compile a list of
my top 7 Aussie hottie's without going to
 an expert in Aussie hotties, Jayde!

since international call rates blow
Jayde and I took to Facebook chat to bring together amazing list for ya'll!

Hey guys, Jayde here.
I was so excited when Kat asked me to collaborate on a blog post about Aussie hotties!
We are very, very fortunate here to have some of the hottest, buffest, sweetest guys from the land Down Under.
These are pretty much the cream of the crop so enjoy them and their pure deliciousness.


Since it has been a while since my last Hottie McHotHot list...
Lemme refresh you on the levels of swoon:

The Photoshoot Swoon
when they are professionally attractive
The "In Character" Swoon
when they are attractively someone else
The Just Plain HOT Swoon
when they are out&about/red carpet attractive


1st up is the lad of hottness that got me off my lazy bloggin' bum...
this movie caused so much swoon for me...
& i had a stupid goofy grin on the whole time!

[1] Christopher Egan
born in Sydney, Aus
[Charlie in Letters to Juliet]
Ironically enough I wondered last week who played Mikey
and now I feel a strong need to get to know Capt. Shepherd!
stalk his imdb here!

[2] Ryan Kwanten

born in Sydney, Aus
Oh, Jason Stackhouse... ['True Blood']
stalk his imdb here!

[3] Eric Bana

born in Melbourne, Aus

A timeless swoon, Henry

... [Time Traveler's Wife]

stalk his imdb here!

[4] Jesse Spencer

born in Melbourne, Aus

For Dr. Chase, I'd stop eating apples... ['House M.D.']
stalk his imdb here!

[5] Xavier Samuel

born in Hamilton, Aus
As the newborn Riley
stalk his imdb here!

[6] Alex O'Loughlin

born in Canberra, Aus
I'd let Stan be my baby's daddy! #hot
stalk his imdb here!

[7] Hugh Jackman

born in Sydney, Aus
So strangely attractive...
stalk his imdb here!

now here is the thing....

if I am going to stereotype an entire country as a land that grows hottness...

7 just isnt enough!

Hottie of Honorable Mention:

Emilie de Ravin

born in Mount Eliza, Aus

known for Remember Me & LOST

[wot!? you thought i'd exclude every female hottie?!
this lady got to roll around in bed with Rob!
 heck yes she is getting a mention!]


Random Bonus
while looking for photos of the hotties above,

i also went through some of my old files and found
some old graphics that i made!
enjoy and please link back!

*Chipotle Counter [28]*

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