12 February 2012

5..oops.. Films Sat..oops..Sunday :: Week 6

Short and Sweet Overview: Watch 365 films in the year 2012.

Confused? READ THIS.

Every Saturday I am going to recap 7 movies I've watched that week!

Below you'll see a list with the film, the year, the director
&& maybe a quick blip of my feelings toward movie!

Sound fun!? I think so! Feel free to join in!
&& let me know in the comments if you do!

So here we go!
Sunday, February 5 - Saturday, February 11th:
    Chronicle Poster
  • Chronicle :: 2012 :: Josh Trank 
    • This movie was filmed a lot like Cloverfield but oh so much better!!! It worked as an entertaining film as proved by the other 250 interested faces in the audience that Ryan and I shared... But more importantly (at least for my adoration of it) was it's commentary on human nature. Apex predator.... *shudder*

  • Mean Girls :: 2004 :: Mark Waters
    •  I can quote this movie for ages. In fact that is why I chose to watch it this week. At work (the cinema) my co-workers and I sat in the break room for about 10mins just spewing quotes!

  • Pineapple Express :: 2008 :: David Gordon Green
    •  I adore this movie to the maxium amount that a non-stoner girl can..
      Sarah once said that to her "
      Wet Hot American Summer is a polarizing comedy" and I agree with her, we know I loved it. For me Pineapple Express is a polarizing comedy as well. Yes, there is a lot of stoner humor but past that it is a really clever and fun flick and it holds a spot in my Top 10 for the amusement I receive that has yet to fade..!
    TRON: Legacy Poster
  • Latter Days :: 2003 :: C. Jay Cox
    •  Great film. Warning label for some of my more conservative readers: a GAY film. But it is a film that holds one of my most favorite quotes..!
  • TRON Legacy :: 2009 :: Joseph Kosinski
    •  This movie gives me so much nerd swoon! And regular swoon *cough*future American husband *cough,cough*.
      This movie will be watched a
      few times over this year...

Actually this was a rough week for me & movies...
I had a few more shifts at the jobs, work out sessions added into my schedule and even a few adventures...! I am going to try to make up the missing films next week so I do not fall behind on the challenge.
SO MANY MOVIES! Wish me luck?

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