12 October 2009

A blog! A blog! I promised a blog!

So in this blog, I promised myself I'd clean my room.
I got a great deal done!

My biggest success is my bookshelf!

Tis beautiful!
I have more to do

but I do feel very accomplished,
so yay!

I have some serious awesomeness coming up!
Wanna guess what they are?!
You get two hints:

Think you got it?!

Brrr! Fall is here! Winterlike in Colorado!

We've had snow on and off the last few days!
I wanted to give you 3 season musts!

#1 - Amazing Lip Balm

I love Soft Lips (specifically strawberry)!
They even have a "shine" line.

It gives that subtle but perfect boost to your look!


I try to remember to take daily vitamins
If the SICKNAST catches up to you...
I highly recommend Emergen C!

It is the best over-the-counter miracle in a bottle!
[Not like the crazy-ness of Glee]
But SRSLY! Try it!


...I know, I know...

I wish I could take my own advice.
I have insomnia... So I nap whenever I can!
Ya'll are welcome to recommend sleep aids to me...
Unfortunately I am a freak:
I hate tea.
Things like Tylenol PM don't work.
& the "night" candles smell funkywrong, not funkyfun, to me.

Thanks for reading!
Stay safe this flu and holiday season!
Can't wait to hear from you!

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  1. I love Scotland. Please tell me you're going there. It's probably my favorite country. I spent three weeks backpacking there last year, two of them alone. You will love it, especially if you love Scottish accents as much as I do!


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