05 October 2009

Cosmo Memories : Enjoying the Little Things

I have decided to start a new theme post called, Cosmo Memories. That right, memories from Cosmopolitan magazine. 
How you ask?
Back in high school I started to clip out articles that I liked, and while cleaning my room today I found a few old articles! But I am trying this new thing called not-being-a-crazy-pack rat and I need to start getting rid of them.
IDEA! Why don't I post the articles that give really good advice to my blog and then recycle the clippings after!?

So here goes my first... Let me know what you think!

A Few Ideas To Make a Bleh Day, Better!
*Love Sleeping On Saturdays?*
Make you bed even more of a haven by buying the coziest sheets.
Invest in some that have at least a 250-thread count--
the higher the number the softer the sheet!
[I invested in --- count sheets my self last month!]

*Dig Throwing Dinner Parties?*
Buy a round dinning room table--
it will promote converstation, because
everyone will be able to see eachother.
[I want to do this for my 1st place, for sure!]

*Can't Wait To Get Away [Again]?*
Post-vacation, keep your high going by researching
where you want to go on your next trip.
[I like this in theory..I am too broke to even drive home 
so right now I am definately pre-vacation(s)]

*Work 'Till You Feel Like ?*
Stock your bathroom with candles in relaxing scents like
lavendar and sandlewood, so every time you take a bath,
you can easily turn it into a spa.
[I keep lots of candles around my room when I can:
because I love how they sound when they burn]

*Not Feeling The Right Vibes?*
Put together an energizing and inspiring
play list just for your commute to work and
a calm and relaxing one for your trip home.
[Woah! Only two? My iTunes list is full of random
play lists for any mood or to get out of a funk!!]

*Needing A Little Boost Before A Date?*
Never go on a date without wearing sassy undies and
a matching bra, even if you know he won't see them.
It's for you, honey.
[I don't know about matching but I do
love a cute pair of undies!...tmi?]

*Sweating Going To The Gym?*
Having cute and flattering gym clothes to slip into means
you'll actually look forward to sweating.

*Missing Your Honey? (just.wait.a.bit.longer)*
Right before you fall asleep, send your guy a loving text message.
He'll get it the next morning, and you'll get a sweet
response to start off your a.m. routine.
[Well if I had a honey...]

Source: COSMOPOLITAN January 2008
Well that does it for the
first installment of 'Cosmo Memories'.
Feel free to comment away!

*And remember to
 tell me what you
 think of this theme!

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