15 October 2009

For the first time, I feel - Wicked!

The day was Tuesday the 13th of October and it officially ranks as one of the best nights of my life...
I finally got to see Wicked live!!!

...let us rewind...

I tweeted about how excited I was and even what I was wearing.
[An outfit I am very proud of and felt very BusyBeeLauren tweeting about it!]

Around 3:00MST I left Northern Colorado as Mum left Southern Colorado to meet up and drive to the theatre together.

*note to self*
Always double check the rendezvous point!

On the way, I made a classic Kat move and got off the highway at 144th Ave and parked in front of the Ross in that shopping center and called Mum, since I didn't see her car anywhere.

She said that she was inside Ross and would be out in a sec. Well, being oh so proud of my outfit, I hopped out and sauntered through the Ross doors... and waited.. and waited..

After 5min I called Mum, she said she was out in the parking lot waiting for me, but I went to look and she wasn't. Whaaat?! We started listing off the stores we saw around us...

Clearly we both saw Ross.
I saw Staples. Mum saw Office Max.
...and that's when it hit me...
We were not in the same place.

I went back inside and asked the Ross people what the address was and asked Mum where she was... I was at 144th Ave; Mum was as 104th Ave...! Who knew that 40miles apart there was basically the same shopping center!

So I hopped back on the highway and found Mum at the 104th...

Being me is good times.♥

So anyways...

Mum and I parked right next to the theatre and then walked 16th for a bit to figure out where we wanted to eat dinner. It was so exciting for me to see the tech bus just casually parked to the side of the street. Just think of it...EVERYTHING fits into this truck!

Also there were advertisements for the show everywhere!

Unfortunately, as the temperature of the evening dropped, the more impatient for dinner we both got. So, instead our tummies dictated that we eat at the closest eatery...

Both Mum and I regretted our choice of dinner... =(
Apparently we both got the two top selling dishes and were less than thrilled with the outcome. Normally I love Chicken Fried Chicken no matter how low it falls on the health-o-meter scale but my dish...The gravy just tasted like milky, melted velveta. >.<
Mum got Salmon Fish and Chips because our family loves the way my dad cooks fish and were fans of fish&chips when we went to England... So Mum ordered thinking that Rock Bottom had found a way to make salmon taste flake-y.
We were both wrong. =( Whoops!
I do stand by the three Cs of Rock Bottom:
Cocktails, Calamari & Coleslaw!

^Major yum! Highly recommended by me!
I can never resist calamari!
& they put Green Apple in the coleslaw!
srsly yummy
I don't usually like coleslaw so you know it was good!

After dinner we walked the theatre complex to decided where we could get dessert and coffee. As you can see from the picture, the architecture of downtown Denver is beautiful!

I am so excited at maybe going to see this! (You know, if I can afford tickets)
Anyone want to go/take me!? Dec 1-13th!

The Buell had very cool banners in the windows for Wicked.
So naturally, a picture had to be taken

I love being a tourist in my own state!

Right across from the Buell is a chic place, very classy.

We went in for some yummies and coffee for Mum.
Holy Amazing YumYums Batman!
The Crème Brûlée and the Chocolate Bomb were quite literally BOMB!
Go there. Order them. Srsly.

It was also super cute when my friend, Jared, came by the bar and said hi to Mum and me. I knew from Facebook that Jared was going to Wicked that night too and from texting him that he was at Limelight with his family for dinner... But what Mum said later was hilar!

She told me that Jared was heading through the restaurant toward us and I think she might have swooned a little... I introduced the two of them and we had a chitchat and then he returned to his table.
After he left, Mum said:
Kat, he is beautiful! I wanted to tell you that a striking young man was heading right for you!
Silly Mum, Jared is le gay! {tehe}

Both of our families walked out of Limelight at the same time, so we took pictures.
It was good-but-awkward times.

Mum & Me.

Jared & Me.

Inside the Buell is quite breath-taking as well:

& the merchandise booths were just too cute:

So, Mum and I went to sit and looked over our free programs...
And I got another fun little surprise!
Lea Michele is touring in the Spring Awakening cast!
You might recognize her from Glee! =]

 So anyways,

I am sorry Buell, but I did sneak a picture or two from inside...
The map back-drop as amazing!
 It gave me a techie-gasim!
Really the whole show gave me a techie-gasim!

I gotta say that I was swooning over the ensemble's Oz Dust costumes!

But costumes and sets weren't the only swoon-worthy parts...
 srsly. this Fieryo had me swooning.

 If you can, definitely check out this touring cast!


It was a truly wonderful night!

Driving home was a totally different story...

[This is the video about it!]


Dude, I totally love you back!