22 October 2009

Swooning over Puck!?

So you might know by now that I am a tid-bit addicted to Twitter...

But I am also an avid watcher of Glee.

 Ever since the May preview gave me a phenomenal cover of one of my favorite Journey songs of all time, I have been committed to watching it no matter what!
(aka. If I don't like an episode one week, I am back again the next regardless!)

Well this weeks episode brought a song cover that won me over so much that it will now have to compete with Journey! *gasp*

But not only that but the character who sang it made me swoon, literally!

So without further delay I give you...

"Sweet Caroline" by Puck of Glee

*le sigh*

I have not lusted after Puck at all in any other episode since 
he is usually such a jerkface but, man oh man...
did this episode change things!

Mark Salling has such an incredible voice!

And of course I tweeted him such things...

Which, btw, his Twitter account is adorable and sexy!

[Ladies love Mama's boys?]

Even Neil Diamond himself Tweeted about tonight's event!

...um, Neil Diamond has a Twitter account, yes...
...I am unsure of how to feel about this...


Ok, back to the less awkward and definitely sexy topic of 
Mark Salling.

Not gonna lie, this episode opened my world to
a brand new hottie! ...and I am totally okay with it!

...but what kind of blogger would I be
if I didn't share the wealth?!

So I shall share three sexy pictures
of the swell Texas gent that will
make you swoon and leave you smitten:


It's okay, go ahead and wipe that drool away ladies...
no one but me noticed!

ps. Yes I did just use my four favorite S words in one sentence:
Sexy, Swell, Swoon, Smitten.


Dude, I totally love you back!