12 January 2010

Prop 8 Trail : Days 1-8

I am following @TheAdvocateMag's live tweets
for  part of my coverage of the trial.

Therefore, you can be the judge of the
credibility & accuracy of my source.

who is who in the trial:
Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker
Ted Boutrous
: (Theodore Boutrous) a lawyer for the plaintiffs
David Boies: a lawyer representing the plaintiffs
Ted Olson: (Theodore Olson) a lawyer representing the plaintiffs
Charles Cooper: lead attorney for the defendants
David Thompson: attorney for the defendants
Al Wilson:
for the defendants
Andy Pugno: ProtectMarriage.com chief legal counsel
Ron Prentice: former Yes on 8 chairman who now serves at the Executive Director for ProtectMarriage.com, which is leading the defense.
Therese Stewart: San Francisco deputy city attorney
Danny Chu: City Attorney
Chad Griffin: a Los Angeles political consultant, against Prop 8
Jeffrey Zarillo: plaintiff, partner of Paul Katami
Paul Katami: plaintiff, partner of Jeffrey Zarillo
Kristin Perry: plaintiff, married to Sandra Stier in August 2004 in San Fran
Nancy Kott: plaintiff, Harvard history professor
Sandra Stier
: plaintiff, married to Kristin Perry
George Chauncey
: Yale history professor
Dr. Letitia Peplau: a social psychology professor

Edwin A Egan: Chief Economist, City and County of SF, Director of the office of economic analysis

Dr. Ilan H. Meyer
: Associate Professor of Clinical Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health

Dr. Michael Lamb: Social psychologist at Cambridge, before that at National Institutes of Health

Helen Zia: author and journalist. (lesbian)
Mayor Jerry Sanders: current mayor of San Diego, republican, daughter is a lesbian 
Lee Badgett: research director with PhD in Economics from Cal
Ryan Kendall*** is a gay man who testified about the “conversation therapy” he underwent in his youth and how he has been affected by discrimination
Gary Segura: Stanford University prof, discusses political power of gays and lesbians
Dr. William Tam: executive director of the Traditional Family Coalition in San Francisco

I will continue to update this list as the trial proceeds.

The following are [highights from] @TheAdvocateMag's live tweets from Day 1 of the trail. All timestamps are in mountain standard time. All tweets are linked to their individual url:

Judge on the bench, court in session.

Boutrous asks court to record opening statements today pending SCOTUS decision. Cooper disagrees. Walker sides with Boutrous
Olson opening statements: "This case is about marriage and equality. Plantiffs being denied both right to marry and the right to ... ... equality under the law."
Walker: If Calif were to get out of marriage biz and classify all as domestic partner, wouldn't that solve the problem?
Olson: That might solve the problem; that will never happen.
Olson: Prop. 8 "perpetuates irreparable, immeasurable, discriminatory harm for no good reason."
Walker: If Prop. 8 is unconstitutional, how can [DOMA] be constitutional?

Olson: Even convicted murderers and child abusers have right to marry.... DPs seen as "equal" to marriage is "a cruel fiction."
Olson: Gay, lesbian parents "every bit as capable of being loving and effective parents as heterosexuals."
Olson: "Parenting not measured by gender, but by the content of the heart."
Walker: "Why shouldn't the courts stand back and let this play out in the political process?"
Olson: (After long pause): "Because that is why we have courts. That is why we have the Constitution."
SF deputy city atty Therese Stewart explaining societal/governmental costs of prop. 8: hate crimes prosecutions, health care inequity
Attys for Schwarzenegger decline to give statements.
Cooper: Californians did not vote for Prop. 8 out of animosity, "but out of special regard for this venerable institution."
Cooper: Marriage centers on procreation. Should not be "transformed into a pvt relationship designed simply to provide... ...adult couples w/ personal fulfillment."
Cooper "The reality is that you'll hear nothing but predictions in this trial on the longterm effects of adopting same-sex marriage."
Cooper: "That, if no other reason, is reason enough for people of California" to approve Prop. 8
Cooper: The people of Calif. are entitled to make their decision, "and they have." opening statements concluded.
Plaintiff Jeffrey Zarillo takes the stand. David Boies examines the witness.
Zarillo is candid, emotional on the stand: "Coming out is a personal and internal process."
Zarrillo says of partner, Paul: "I love him more probably more than I love myself. ... I want nothing more than to marry him."
Defense does not cross-examine Zarrillo.
Paul Katami: "Husband is definitive. It's something everyone understands. And it comes from a modicum of respect." Katami is Zarrillo's partner.
Plaintiffs' first exhibit: a protect marriage ad from the Prop. 8 campaign
Attorneys squabble over admissibility of campaign videos. Walker allows them to be played for the witness.
[Video played: Stand Up for Prop 8 ad]
Walker does not permit plaintiffs to play the highly parodied "gathering storm" TV ad, given in part that it was post Prop. 8
["Gathering Storm" ad]
Court back in session.

Cooper wants to see evidence of all public comments on broadcast of trial.
Walker: They're certainly available. I can't say I've read every one of them (there are about 138,000 comments submitted)
Def attys cross-examining plaintiff Paul Katami...questions center on teaching children about marriage in schools.
As with Prop 8 campaign, defense questioning focuses less on rights of gay couples and more on rights of parents to "protect"... ...children from school discussions on marriage.
Plaintiff Kristin Perry takes the stand
Perry: I never let myself want [marriage]. Growing up you never let yourself want it, because you're told you can't have it
Perry and Stier originally married in August 2004 in SF after Mayor Newsom ordered the city to allow same-sex ceremonies.
Perry on 2008 Ca Supreme Court decision allowing marriage: "I didn't feel like it was a permanent solution... ...and we had already experience an impermanent solution" in 2004.
"It's not the same thing," Perry says of partnerships. "It isn't the same thing as a celebration." from web
Perry: "Marriage symbolizes the most important decision you make as an adult."
Defense declines to cross-examine Perry. Olson calls her partner, Sandra Stier to the stand.
Olson: What is so special about the word marriage? Stier: I want someone who is my wife. We're not girlfriends, we're not partners... Stier: We're married
Stier: I feel [Prop 8 campaign] was used to convince people that there was a growing evil to be feared. That evil is us, I guess... ...I felt sickened."
Defense (again) declines to cross-examine a plaintiff (3 of 4). Nancy Kott, Harvard history prof,
takes the stand. Boustrous questions from Twitlonger
Harvard historian Cott: To think of marriage as universal around the globe is not accurate.
Cott on defendant's notion of traditional, "biblical" marriage: To be honest I found that amusing.
The bible is a situation where people are practicing polygamy. from Twitlonger
Cott: Only those who can't marry their partner of choice are aware that the ability to marry is an expression of one's freedom.
"There really is no comparison," Cott says of DP vs. marriage. "There really is nothing like marriage except marriage."
Court adjourns for the day, resumes tomorrow at 8:30 (PST). Thanks to everyone for following us today.

Additional materials:
Ted Olson's Opening Statement
Photos from outside the courthouse:
More Here.

until my Day 2 blog...
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Of a Personal Nature:
Ryan Kendall is the witness "who testified about the “conversation therapy” he underwent in his youth and how he has been affected by discrimination." (source)
More importantly: Kendall on stand. Grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, born in 1983. Went to Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA). Remember parents talking about homosexuals being evil, seeking special rights. (source)
I don't know if ya'll know this about me but I was born in Colorado Springs, CO in 1986. He grew up in the same area I did and is only 3 years older than myself. As I read his testimony on the stand there were tears in my eyes, just as I type this now. I am so proud of my home but acts like this are so shameful.
"Conversion therapy" is BULLSHIT fueled by religious crazies and certain denomination... It is more for the closed-minded famil
y members, so they can "face" the other members of their congregation. But there is nothing to 'convert' or fix in the first place. UGH!
He discusses briefly the involvement of Focus on the Family (a Christian based org in Colorado Springs) and again I hate to feel shame about my hometown, but FotF is certainly a shame... So corrupt within it's own walls.
And people wonder why I have trouble trusting any Church org.
Best website to find more information:
{no it is not unbiased...}

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