23 January 2010

I Married Mormon Bachelor Pad

last night
I dreamed about marrying one of the Mormon Bachelor Pad boys.
Yeah!  You read that correctly.
& of course that is not all..

basically NONE of this is based in reality!

So in my dream J&C flew out to Colorado to meet me and a friend. Within the weekend we feel in love, proposed, then I deflowered him the night before our secret marriage ceremony.
Of course it was great, both the sex and the wedding,
bahaha, yeah I might be going to hell. oops.
Then in true box-block fashion, his roommate offered up that we all watch a movie before they had to be taken to the airport. Very sexually frustrated I cuddled up on the couch with my new husband and the next cut was the airport.

At the airport, he and I hung back and with tears in my eyes, I said I'll miss him. We exchanged numbers (because who gets married after they are able to talk on the phone, pppshh!) and I told him that as great as the sex was I felt guilty about swiping his V-card before the wedding and asked him if how he felt. He reassured me that it was ok and that he just sorry we didn't have a chance to do it again before he had to leave. After a parting make-out, he whispered "Just think about how it will be when you come see me."

Cut to: Back at home, I look at the MBP blog to make sure my new hubby isn't regretting the weekend and then looking at my schedule to see when I could fly out to Utah... But every weekend for a month I had a KBB concert to manage (they are my RL friends who are a band that I help out) and started to text my new hubs in a panic.

Cut to: My 3 sisters (irl I only have 1 brother, Alex knows this! tehehe) telling me that our families have found out about our elopement. I freak out at them and tell them to spread that it is just an engagement (My dreams are ridic!)

Cut to:The next time I see my husband, I am in the airport and for whatever reason that totally made sense in the dream at the time we are banding together to go fight evil who kidnapped his sister?
Basically I have been reading too much Black Dagger Brotherhood/Lover Awakened...

Anywho, the rest is too Buffy-meets-StarWars-meets-BDB-with-Blogger-friends to even attempt to type out...
So, the end.

Okay... This whole time I didn't tell you which MBP boy it was...
Well being that they are anonymous and only have this & this...
The MBP was tall with dark hair and blue eyes...
But I am not black and also curvy so...
Jake, if I married you last night,
I'm sorry.

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  1. This is hilarious! True story.

    I approve of your dream nuptials.

    And yes. I do know about your ONE brother....*drool*. Ahem.

    Puma, over and out.

  2. hahahahaha wtf? Then again, I had a dream about zombies and making out with someone last night. Apparently, it was just as weird.


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