11 January 2010

Today Prop 8 Heads to trial...

This post is on a serious and personal topic.
No meanie poop-heads allowed!

If you know me IRL or follow me on Twitter,
you know I am very pro-gay
and one of the biggest fag-hags in my state.

Today is the 1st day of the Prop 8 trial.
It was going to be broadcast publicly on YouTube
but here is an article explaining why it is not.

Mostly I am writing this blog because
if you do not live in California or
if you are not actively pro- or anti- marriage equality,
you may not know what this trail is about.

Here is the Wikipedia page to give you a brief overview of Prop 8.
Yes- I know the arguments against Wikipedia
but it is a good introductory site.

& in my opinion the best description of the trail:

"Plaintiffs hope to take their case against California's Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and to overturn bans throughout the nation." (source)

This trail is sure to envoke a LOT of emotions in me.
I will be voicing my opinions here.
& as much as I love having 23 followers to my blog,
please ignore these posts if you are not going to be nice about them.

Also in my last blog,
I posted my current Twitter & Facebook profile pic.

& that content means I support the #NOH8Campaign.

& lastly...

I feel it is important to educate myself,
as well as all of you,
who is who in the trial:

Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker
Ted Boutrous: (Theodore Boutrous) a lawyer for the plaintiffs
David Boies: a lawyer representing the plaintiffs
Ted Olson: (Theodore Olson) a lawyer representing the plaintiffs
Charles Cooper: lead attorney for the defendants
Chad Griffin:
a Los Angeles political consultant, against Prop 8
Therese Stewart: San Francisco deputy city attorney
Jeffrey Zarillo: plaintiff, partner of Paul Katami
Paul Katami: plaintiff, partner of Jeffrey Zarillo
Kristin Perry: plaintiff, married to Stier in August 2004 in San Francisco after Mayor Newsom ordered the city to allow same-sex ceremonies

I will continue to update this list
and blog about this trial as it proceeds.

I am following @TheAdvocateMag's live tweets
for my coverage of the trial.
& so far they are very fair and unbiased.

so until next time...

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  1. I personally feel that posting it on YouTube would cheapen it, you know? Like it's more serious than that. If it were going to be streamed somewhere, at least make it a credible news source.

  2. @BN

    Yeah I definitely see it that way...


    I see it as a jabb that the Community of YouTube (all the good that comes out of YouTube -ie PROJECT FOR AWESOME) isn't mainstream enough to let people take some of what YouTube has to offer seriously.
    Since it could easily be that some credible news stations didn't want to broadcast it live. Who knows. That part/those dealins is/are sometimes not let into public light.

    BUT really all I care about is knowing about the trial...

    And also praying to GOD that He helps those in the justice system to see how much this means to all families...

    Because my God loves Gays...

  3. But it is not on TV at all. It isn't streamed anywhere. At least that is what I have understood.

  4. My God too loves Gays! I have a sign to prove it!


  5. My God loves gays too. I wish I would have been introduced to that fact before I was brainwashed by someone else's idea of God. Sheesh.


Dude, I totally love you back!