12 January 2010

Some Twitter Conversations are BOMB.com

Sometimes on Twitter, amazing conversations with multiple people happen.
This is one such case- between some blogger friends and myself.
I just HAD to document it!
Please enjoy!

[for the sake of link-sanity I had to un-link Twitter and re-tink names as their blogs, but mine remains Twitter]

kate_mi @alexandriacadyh I loved your state!! I've now been to San Diego, San Fransisco and L.A.! I think San Fran is my favorite.

KatOfDiamonds I ♥ her state too! I think Cali-rado would be perfect! RT @kate_mi @alexandriacadyh I loved your state!! I've now been to SD, SF and L.A.!

kate_mi @KatOfDiamonds That's amazing, let's move to Cali-rado!

KatOfDiamonds #lovesit @alexandriacadyh RT @kate_mi @KatOfDiamonds That's amazing, let's move to Cali-rado!

@kate_mi Come to San Fran I am only a few hours away!!

kate_mi @alexandriacadyh I will come ASAP. I would love to be back there!

alexandriacadyh @KatOfDiamonds @kate_mi Ooh I could never leave California...ya know unless I marry @Nanti_SARRMM and move to Utah ;)! lol

KatOfDiamonds um... Dear @alexandriacadyh... Cali-rado is a fictional place. Kinda like marrying Edward Cullen #gasp! ;o) @kate_mi

alexandriacadyh @KatOfDiamonds bahaha! I know that...but even then I could never even fictionally agree to move there. I have to represent!

alexandriacadyh  @KatOfDiamonds Also, I will marry Edward Cullen. Not fiction. #truth

@alexandriacadyh Ahhh! Does.Not.Compute!!!! Have you ever BEEN to Colorado?! lol

@KatOfDiamonds No I haven't!

I was just telling @sarahFIERCE earlier, I feel my heart is split three ways: Colorado, the beach & London *le sigh*

I've thought Cali-rado would have made a great state since age 2. I am happy to have @kate_mi who understands the dilemma!

kate_mi @KatOfDiamonds I do think Cali-rado would be perfection! Couldn't you hypothetically move there with us @alexandriacadyh (since it's fake)?

@KatOfDiamonds Okay I am an idiot. I get it. lol

alexandriacadyh  @KatOfDiamonds @kate_mi Got it! Yes let's move!

KatOfDiamonds @alexandriacadyh was it the confusing California + Colorado = Cali-rado formula ;o) #iheartyoumuchos

alexandriacadyh @KatOfDiamonds I think it was because I was texting and tweeting at the same time. I get confused...lol

So basically I feel that is one of the best Twitter conversations amongst bloggers that has probably ever existed. I dare you to disagree... but please dont! ;o)

Also in honor of this conversation I made this graphic:


Chipotle Counter [5]


  1. I almost just died reading this!! Oh my effing stars! I am such an idiot!!

    OH I am dying of laughter! Bahaha!

  2. You just made my day!! We're moving to Cali-rado, we're doing it.

    I wish I was in at least one of those 2 states right now and not back in lame TN.

    Thanks for the laughs last night Alex & Kat!


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