13 January 2010

Prop 8 Trail : Day 2 [via Twitter]

I am following @TheAdvocateMag's live tweets
for  part of my coverage of the trial.

This blog will focus on Day 2.
[Day 1 is here.]

who is who in the trial:
Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker
Ted Boutrous
: (Theodore Boutrous) a lawyer for the plaintiffs
David Boies: a lawyer representing the plaintiffs
Ted Olson: (Theodore Olson) a lawyer representing the plaintiffs
Charles Cooper: lead attorney for the defendants
Chad Griffin: a Los Angeles political consultant, against Prop 8
Therese Stewart: San Francisco deputy city attorney
Jeffrey Zarillo: plaintiff, partner of Paul Katami
Paul Katami: plaintiff, partner of Jeffrey Zarillo
Kristin Perry: plaintiff, married to Sandra Stier in August 2004 in San Fran
Nancy Kott: plaintiff, Harvard history professor
Sandra Stier
: plaintiff, married to Kristin Perry
George Chauncey
: Yale history professor

I will continue to update this list as the trial proceeds.

The following are some live tweets from @TheAdvocateMag's courtroom coverage of Day 2. All timestamps are in mountain standard time. All tweets are linked to their individual url:

Day two schedule to start shortly. Harvard prof and marriage expert Nancy Cott to resume testimony.
Walker in bench, court in session.
Cott: Procreation not necessarily the central or defining purpose of marriage.
Cott: Ability to procreate has never been a litmus test for marriage in the U.S.
Cott: No evidence that emerging gender equality in the 20th century has damaged the institution of marriage.
Q: Is there any empirical evidence that authorizing marriage rights for same-sex couples wld damage the institution? Cott: No.
Cott under cross-exam, defense attempting to paint her as a marriage activist, not a neutral party.
Cott cross-examined, defense focused on Christian prtecepts of marriage in early American history.
Cott is shocked how "marriage laws have been used punitively" against minorities in the U.S.
recess for lunch; Yale history professor George Chauncey should take the stand in the afternoon session
Therese Stewart calls George Chauncey to the stand
Chauncey: Gay men and lesbians have experiences widespread and acute discrimination, manifesting in criminalization... ... of sexual intimacy, discrimination in public, accommodations and censorship.
Chauncey: Disorderly conduct statutes widely used in the 20th century by law enforcement to penalize behavior in gay men
Entrapment: Chauncey details history of police entering bars in plainclothes to set up gays
Police harassment/brutality "was one more way it was conveyed to gays that they were a despised group of people."

Live tweeting of the federal Prop. 8 trial will continue on Wednesday, January 13.  

until my Day 3 blog...
[Day 1 is here.][An introduction to the Prop 8 Trial]
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