03 April 2011

Suite Scarlett [16/50]

Suite Scarlett (Scarlett #1)
Rating: Super cute and super quick to read.

*spoiler free*

I read this book in a shift at work and one afternoon.
After finishing it I feel 3 things:
1- It was a little bit of a rough start to step into Scarlett's world
 but I have been feeling that a lot in this challenge.
It is a very cool setting though-
living in a hotel.
2- Who want's to buy me a ticket to NYC?
I love NYC in this book. Seeing it through native Scarlett's eyes
just showed me how bad I need to see the Big Apple for myself.
3- I LOVED the relationship between Scarlett and Spencer.
I am the older sister of two and it took me moving up
to college to build a relationship with my brother.
I adored reading about theirs.

 aka.*favorite quotes*
 I like this quote because it's such an adorably honest
way to describe a new crush! I am going to steal it!
"ordinary plus" 


Hilariously awesome part! Loved it.

  Such a great description!
It totally reminded me how I felt as a kid.
&& how I still want to feel!

Comment Questions:
 Have you read this book? If so, what did you think?
Also feel free to leave any book suggestions in the comments!

Chipotle burritos this year: 10
Boba smoothies this year: 11

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