27 February 2011

how i fell in ♥ with: Tim Urban

 Sometimes I write posts and then forget to post them.
&& then I find them monthes later in my 'drafts' section.
Yep. This is one of those blogs...
I owe it all to Ellen really...
Yep. There. On @TheEllenShow.

Granted she talked about how 'adorable' he was while on Idol
and the few times I watched Idol, I thought he was cute but...meh

But Friday the 23rd {of April} he was on Ellen.
I had recorded it because I am half in love with Chloe Moretz, who was a guest.

Well his interview was like Idol, adorable.
then he sang Hallelujah on Ellen:
and I died 
of swoon overload.


k. I'm back again.

So you can learn more about him here:
&& you can swoon over his music here:

Chipotle burritos this year: 8
Boba smoothies this year: 9

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  1. I had forgotten about him until this post! I was totally rooting for him on Idol because I think he is swoon-worthy!


Dude, I totally love you back!