08 February 2011

must have monday, on tuesday [2]

 So, Alex posted a lil bloggy blog yesterday...
And it made me want to post again too...

Well, it is FREAKING COLD here in Colorado!
So, I am going to take some advice from Ashley,
when you've got winter blues- swoon over summer dresses!
Must. Have. Monday Tuesday
*Mod Cloth dresses edition*

Price: $30.99 on sale!
I love the mock umpire-waist band.
& although it isn't summer colors, I love the print!
Plus it is on sale :)

Price: $84.99
I love the pop of color on top matched with the bottom print.
Oh, and look. That mock ump-waist band again!

Price: $97.99
 At that price, tis a good thing this baby is out of stock.
But geeeeez do I want. 
I can totally imagine being out in the sun,
making a spoof 'I'm on a Boat' video! Ha!

Price: $40.99 on sale!

Usually people go for ALL BRITE WHITE,
but I love an off-white summer dress.
Plus this has side pockets and a hood!

Price: $129.99
 I had to end with a LBD.
Nothing says summer luvin like a great LBD.
This dress totally brings out the naughty side of summer!

Thank goodness I'm already broke! Heh.
What is on your "must have" list?

ps.. Thanks for being awesome, Ms Always Alexandria! 

Chipotle burritos this year: 6
Boba smoothies this year: 7


  1. DUDE, your blog KNEW MY NAME OMG.
    My ModCloth swoons:
    http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth%2FWomens%2FDresses/Your+Floral+Majesty+Dress - Hello, my name is cute. Wouldn't this look darling with your hair up in a messy undo & a pair of strappy sandals on your feet?

    http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth%2FWomens%2FDresses/The+Heirloom+Dress - Paging my inner hippie... yeah, hi, let's go twirl barefoot together in a field of wildflowers. Kthxbai.

  2. Ummmmm...you are awesome my friend.

    That second dress, the yellow one. I died. I really NEED it in my life! SO presh.

  3. That one with the yellow top made me happy...oh thoughts of bare shoulders and sunshine!

  4. Modcloth has THE cutest clothes ever.. it makes me sad that I can't afford to buy everything I see. Like the "So Far, So Hood" dress. WANT.

  5. OH my gosh, these are some seeeeeriously gorgeous dresses! SO cute. Second one is totes adorable. Loveeeee!

    Jayde xo


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