26 May 2010

The GOLD That is LTT

I for one feel that you can't truly be a fan of something if you can't tease yourself about it.
Especially Twilight.

Having said that...

I have a (mildly one-sided) love affair with LTT
[thats Letters to Twilight & LTR is Letters to Rob, just sayin]

Not only do Moon & UC whip out hilarious letters,
but the community is made of amazingness & comedy gold!

As the LTT/LTR community has grown, many letters are written by readers
 such as CalliopeBlabs and Freya

But as every reader should know knows,
some of the best stuff is left in the comments!

A prime example:
I followed a Tweet
to a letter comment
*I'll pause while you read and re-reed this awsomly speeled lettar.*

& if you think that is the best of the best,
you'd be mistaking because the reply comments had me LOLing irl style!

Donny… I’m sorry you lost your lady, but seriously- you don’t need to take it out on those of us who enjoy the occasional word spelled correctly.
Now go put on a pea coat & Ray-bans and tell your girl you don’t want her to come. She’ll get all worked up and will no longer be lost.

mariemarie, on May 24, 2010 at 12:35 pm Said:
Donny it brakes my hart that you losted your girlfriend.

I agree with UC. Go get some Ray-bans…work your stuff. Get confident. Be “forbidden” and play hard to get.
Heck, read the books. You might be surprised that you like them yourself. Then you two would have something in common and a new role playing game in the bedroom.
This could work for you.

fangbanger, on May 24, 2010 at 12:32 pm Said: 
deep fryed head first in a local mcdonalds kitchen? 
*sobs uncontrollably* 
It will take so long to get the grease out of my hair. :(

Robert Pattinson. Setting unrealistic standards for women since 2009.
Sorry, dude.
A garlic tree would be pretty sweet, though.

tielle, on May 24, 2010 at 12:37 pm Said: 
Perhaps your girlfriend dumped you for reasons other than Twilight. . . like your apparent aversion to spell check or your lack of education. I doubt 90% of the male population was broken up with over their girlfriends love for this series. Of course, if this is the case then maybe you guys should start reading this “rubbish” and take notes on how to be the perfect boyfriend.
P.S. It isn’t the least bit appealing hearing someone say “I hope all you fuckers get deep fryed head first in a local mcdonalds kitchen!” 

tiffanized, on May 24, 2010 at 12:38 pm Said: 
Well if I’m going to get blasted for the existence of Twilight, I better start seeing some royalty checks, stat. 
Mr. Brasco–if that is indeed your real name–I’ve noticed that the kind of guys who lose their women to Twilight are the same kind of guys who think that Applebee’s is an appropriate venue for their anniversary dinner and don’t know what their lover’s favorite flower is. Grow a romantic bone–or better yet, read the books and take some tips from Edward (just not the stalking and breaking & entering). Write her a note that says “Be Safe” when she leaves for a business trip. Give her your mom’s tacky engagement ring. Wear a sleeveless white button down. 
Also, I think you are confused: ERIC is the poofter (aka “Gaysian”).  
          Ashley, on May 24, 2010 at 12:42 pm Said: 
          A-MEN. Thanks, Tiff. :)
          It’s not hard being romantic. I don’t know why guys just…can’t get it.
          and hey, Donny, instead of being threatened by a fictional vampire who was written by a mormon (awesome) housewife, step up your game a bit. YOU are the obtainable one. 
          Throw on some glitter and step out into the sunlight.

& OF COURSE there is always more where that came from...

I guess I am saying is:
If you are a Twilight fan and haven't checked out LTT/LTR yet...

*Chipotle Counter [28]*


  1. sigh... you are the reason we do this.
    just you

    well, and the others like you. you make all the crap and writers blocks worth it. well, so does donny brasco


  2. hahahaha thank you for this!! so sweet

    AND i love your chipotle counter! i need that

    xo moon

  3. Please love that I totally tried to thumbs-up those comments above . . .
    I heart LTT/LTR. It gives me a place to be "normal" and meet the most lovely and amazing ladies :)

  4. I loves me some LTT too! I can't help commenting. It's an illness, really.

    Cute little bloggy, KatofDiamonds. :)


Dude, I totally love you back!