24 May 2010

Letters To Crushes

So this blog post is entirely Shannon's fault.
& I hate love her for it!

On her blog she posted about some adorable website...

Turns out this site is simply beautiful.

..:Here are a few of my favorites:..
These made me LOL irl and *tear* irl!

The first letter that got me officially hooked:

The one written in code: 
Girl,When you first entered my life, you completely mixed up my emotionsto the point where everything felt backwards.I saw miserable before I met you though...thank you so much for turning my life in the opposite direction;I really needed that. I love you and your beautiful mind.I am happy now.Boy

The one that is short, simple but sweet: 
[this crush]

The one that was adorably curious: 
[this crush]

The one that was irresistibly nerdy & cute:
[this crush]

The one that is a little spicy & a lot spunky:
[this crush]

The one that I feel that I could have written:
[this crush]

The one that I feel that I should have written:
[this crush]
That last one sure is killer!
This won't be the last of these 'Letters'
A 2nd one will probably pop up next time I need a lil romantic pick-me-up...
Share some of your favs in my comments!
{please & ta!}
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1 comment:

  1. Sigh. You totally picked out my fave ones, too.
    Oh, there's one you didn't post though. I'm gonna go find it in a sec.
    This site is totally lovely and romantic but at the same time kinda depressing.
    Spesh when you've been crushing on a guy for ages yourself.
    And since he's the only guy out of the few you liked that you could actually see something happening with and even had evidence that it could. Sigh.


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